Monday 23 September 2019

What is this? 40k for ants? - Club Meeting 22 September

Even with a bunch of people away watching some kind of non-Blood Bowl sportsball match, there was plenty of action to be had at T.C.O.W. In fact, you could say it was rather... Epic.

That's right. Gav needed to scratch a 6mm-sized itch and this time it was Darren's turn to help. They hit the table some ancient Epic Eldar and some relatively modern Epic T'au. Since the T'au weren't a thing until after GW stopped making Epic, the not-communist space-fish-men were designed by a third party company.

It turns out there's a thriving fan-supported community for the game. This isn't a massive surprise. I played briefly way, way back in the day, and do remember it being fun. Even though there are a few competing systems, it seems like there's something for everyone. Maybe it's time to type "6mm space dwarf" into a search engine.

Anyway, enough rambling. On to the photos!

The final result? Some mutually assured destruction, and a narrow win for the Eldar.

Meanwhile, Mike Haught turned up with something he's been working on in his free time for some time - Dreadnought. Not an all dread version of Warhammer 40k, sadly, but rules for recreating WW1 naval battles with amazing home made balsa ships.

Ship games seem to be on the rise at the moment, so Mike might be hoping that rising tide lifts all boats. From the brief bits I glimpsed, the game certainly has potential. I might have to volunteer for some playtesting the next time he asks.

Finally, there was an interesting game of Bolt Action taking place. It started out as infantry on infantry, and then a bunch of tanks turned up. It sounded proper mad. Check out the photos over on Facebook.

Sadly, we didn't get any photos of the most epic game of the day. Paul turned up with his latest purchase - the Super Star Destroyer for Star Wars Armada. The ship is a beast and barely fits on a table, and will easily fly off the opposite edge if you're not careful.

He faced off against Mike's Imperials, with the battle boiling down to Boba Fett and some TIEs swarming around the SSD, trying to whittle it down before being wiped out. They came close, but it just wasn't enough. Maybe Mike should have fielded some A-Wings instead.

The rest of us were firmly ensconced on the 'grumpy old gits' table. The Damians, Daryl and I engaged in a little hobby work. Reid prepped and primed his 30k World Eaters (Rust-o-leum FTW), Caulfield painted some 30k Imperial Fists, Daryl built the last of his Pattons, and I put some paint on Rogue Guard. Productivity!

And there we have it. Four games, each epic in their own way. See ya in two weeks time!

Monday 16 September 2019

The Heresy Begins.... Club Meeting 8 September

The members of TCOW are very tentative when it comes to taking steps into a new game or gaming system. We're very much a try before....ahhhh who am I kidding, we're getting pretty balls deep into Warhammer 30K by the looks of things, so when the offer was put to us to have a couple of demo games run at the club, we jumped at the chance faster than Fulgrim on to a daemonette's claw.

Tony and James brought some awesome armies and a wicked looking Zone Mortalis board for us to run some 3 v 3 Traitor v Loyalist action (even though the Space Wolves stood in as Traitor).

Up the guts for the Ultra and Sons of Sanguinius! Sisters hiding in the back...

Not sure who's side the Alpha Legion are on....yet.

Some pretty awesome narrative events thrown into the mix by Tony as well, limiting line of sight, movement and other strategic inputs to keen us on our toes.

Alpha Legion flamer squad out for a meander....looking for some ultra-violence!

The Blood Angels made pretty short work of the AL Terminators and Solar Auxiliary.

While the Custodes got stuck in to some Wolves.

Oh yeah....then the reserve Ogryns showed up....

5/7 would recommend remembering when the opponent has a flamer squad before you move...

It was a bloody affair with the Loyalist forces winning the day...but only just.

Massive thanks again to Tony and James for helping us out. Can't wait to see more Heresy at TCOW!

We also had some Bolt Action being played, with Russians vs. Yanks and Russians vs. The Home Guard....

A lucky shot from the M10 popping the T-34!

Not sure this will end well....

And finally, a wee journey into Middle Earth...

They have a cave troll...

All in all, a great club meeting! Can't wait for the next one!