Sunday, 7 May 2017

- Club Meeting - 7 May

Nothing gets a bunch of West Auckland gamers excited than waking up on a Sunday and knowing that it's a club day! You can head on in a grab some game time and just escape for a little while. And today was no exception with about 20 people hitting the tables for some toy soldier action. 6 systems were in action today.

Arena Rex

Gladiatorial Combat, wild animals and all!

Moments after this, Faizal's dudes went and hid....

Such a cool little game!

Test of Honour

Battling Samurai returned to TCOW today and because it's such a quick game, there was about 4 different rounds today. Cherry blossoms and all....

Kings of War

Massed battles in the Realm of Mantica! Today, Dave's Ogres took on Daryl's Dwarves.

Black Powder

Johnny Reb came a'wanderin', lookin' fer a fight!

Dystopian Wars

Glorious navies in some weird, steampunk future.....or past. UFO's as well!

Flames of War

New arrivals in the African Desert...

The bloody Italians won this round....but we'll get them next time!

And then, we played a good, wholesome family card game...

Such fun!

Sunday, 23 April 2017

We're a 40k club now: Club Meeting - 23 April

Emprah be praised! Around 1am last night the warp storms cleared just long enough for the geniuses in Nottingham to get us a message bearing miraculous news. A new edition of Warhammer 40,000 is coming. An edition said to be the best edition of the game yet. One with not one, nor two, but THREE different ways to play the game. Plus the rules are free. True, there was no mention of the current price disparity in this corner of the world, but we're sure they'll address that soon.

On the back of this news, it has been decided that henceforth T.C.O.W. shall be renamed That 40k Club Out West (T.40k.C.O.W.). No other games will be played. It's all 40k, all the time now. This rule will kick in just as soon as somebody spends NZ$83 on the new 200 page Shadow War: Armageddon rulebook. So, yeah, not any time soon.

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled club meeting update.

It was a bit of a quiet one this week. We're in the middle of the school holidays and I guess most were making the most of decent weather. I'm sure camping is fun and all, but they missed out on some great gaming.

We had a great selection of gaming going on. X-Wing, Malifaux, Test of Honour, and Kings of War. Ogres fought Undead, the Neverborn fought Gremlins, some X-Wings and a stolen TIE Fighter took on the Empire, and two groups of Samurai and their attendant Ashigaru had a big ol' scrap somewhere in Japan.

As I spent most of my time playing Test of Honour wishing my dice would roll better, I didn't actually get any photos or have a good look at what else was going on, but everyone appeared to be having a good time.

Oh, and I managed to be just sneaky enough to pull out a win in Test of Honour. Turns out all you need to take down a Samurai Hero is a sacrificial Samurai and enough arrows.

That's all for this week. We hope to see you at the club on 7 May. We'll see then if we're any closer to renaming the club.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Don't You Remember When We Were Young: Club Meeting - 26 March


Greg was absent this weekend. He swapped rolling dice for Rolling in the Deep at the Adele concert.

Rumour Has It, he said He Won't Go, but his wife said this would be her One And Only chance to see the singer in concert, so he avoided the Cold Shoulder and showed some Sweet Devotion.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of Skyfall, making Greg wish he could Set Fire To The Rain. Meanwhile, the rest of us ended up feeling the way we did When We Were Young; Turning Tables on our opponents, leaving the victors basking in Hometown Glory.

Moving on...

We didn't have a huge turnout last weekend, but still managed to get at least a half dozen games in. I didn't get any photos, but I'll link to some later on.

There were two games of X-Wing, some Elf on Elf Blood Bowl action, the world's least historical Bolt Action game, and an epic game of... Epic.

I didn't see much of one of the X-Wing games because I was too deeply engrossed in my own. I fielded the full Phoenix Squadron from Star Wars Rebels (Ghost, Phantom, and Sabine's TIE Fighter) against Boba Fett and some potent Scum fighters.

The battle was tense, with me learning the hard way that the bounty hunter is best kept at a distance. Even though I won in the end, all three of my ships were one hull point away from destruction. Easily the most thrilling game of X-Wing I've ever had.

Over on the Bolt Action table, some winter Germans went up against a LOT of Japanese infantry down the main street of a small English town. The Germans drew first blood with devastating nebelwerfer salvo and the Japanese had trouble evening the score with their bayonets, swords, and spears.

With his Japanese sent packing, Paul switched from soldiers to gladiators and played a particularly bloody game of Arena Rex with David. You can check out photos from the game on the Arena Rex Facebook Group. You'll need to join up to see the photos, but it's well worth it.

And that's basically it for this weekend. See you all again in two weeks time - or next weekend if you're attending Grand Slam.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Version 4; In The Door! Club Meeting - 12 March

It. Is. Alive!

That's right ladies and gents (and Faizal) Flames of War V4 has officially been released and we at TCOW were lucky enough to host one of the launch events in cahoots with the supremely awesome dudes at Mighty Ape! Dave managed to secure a goodly number of the new EW/LW 4th Edition swap-over books for players who showed up with their V3 rule to grab a hold of!

So what better way to ring in the new addition than by getting a few games in!? We had four Flames of War V4 games played with both MW and LW covered off.

Gav and I played two games, 1575 LW, with my Panzer Kampfgruppe taking on Gav's Tankovy. First up we played Dust Up followed by a good, old fashioned Free-For-All!

Lots of dead T-34's and Panthers everywhere!

Jon and Scott played some desert action, German on German training mission by the looks of things here.

I'm pretty sure the German's won this one...

And finally, Damian and Daryl hit the steppes with the mighty Cossacks taking on some Big Cats...

All in all, the comments on how V4 played was very positive from all players, which I think bodes well considering the recent and very vocal concerns from the FoW community at large.

So, if you want to get into some V4, I recommend heading over to Mighty Ape and ordering one of the following items:

The El Alamein starter box gives you a quick start to V4 MW. You get everything you need to get a quick tank on tank game started, including a mini rulebook!

For existing players, you can also purchase the new V4 MW rules from Mighty Ape as well. Version 4 MW Rules.

And we didn't just have Flames of War played this week.

Dave played a starter game of Guild Ball using the new Kick Off boxed set. I must say that this is really starting to pique my interest, but its just going to have to wait....

Because I FINALLY popped my Star Wars Armada cherry this weekend and I am HOOKED! What a great game! 

Its the right amount of tactical and narrative for me to really have fun with, so it looks like I'll be getting a heap of new ships soon.

We also had Girl Guide cookies for sale....much to the lament of those on diets....

So that was that! If you couldn't make it to club but want to get your V4 books from Mighty Ape, check out the details below...

Until next time, GAME ON!

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Something old, something new. Club Meeting - 26 February

We had another huge turnout this weekend just gone. The hall was packed with tables and plenty of dice were rolled. So, with Greg away sucking performing as expected at a Blood Bowl tournament it falls to me to let you know what went on.

We had a mix of old standards and new games played. First, the ones you'll recognise...

David ran two newbies through their first game of Bolt Action. It was a Russian horde on one side against a smaller elite German force on the other, with a couple of railway tracks in between. Both players thoroughly enjoyed the game, even the truly terrible dice rolls.

Meanwhile, some other Germans went up against the British army. There were no trains this time, but the Germans did bring along a rather old tank. I don't think this tank benefits from the Tank Fear special rule.

There was also a game of Dystopian Wars, with Gavin getting a feel for the game. It's not 6mm, but close enough.

Nearby, a group of Rebel pilots got rather unlucky when they encountered a squadron of TIE fighters led by Darth "Padawan murderer" Vader. As you might imagine, things didn't go well for the Rebels.

Finally, the brothers Haught set their phasers to shuffle and played the Star Wars Trek Collectable Card Game.

And now for the new games. First up, a game that many of us own models for, but none had actually played - Warzone: Resurrection. Fulfilling his role as club guinea pig, Damian was the first to roll some dice. He led the Teutonic Bauhaus against the undead forces of the Legion. Many natural 1's were rolled against him (this is a good thing in Warzone), but Damian still had a good time. I suspect we'll see more of this in the future.

I had a couple of games of 7TV with Regan. It was my Army list up against first his 'Heroic Soldiers' then his Rebel Troopers strike force (led by Luke Skywalker). Yes, 7TV really is a game where anyone can go up against anyone else. On top of this, the game's mechanics add a random element to the game that can make it both hilarious and deadly.

Finally, there was a new spin on an old(ish) game in the form of Fantasy Saga. As the name implies, this game combines Saga's funky dice and battle board mechanic with a selection of fantasy races. Most of the mechanics are the same, but it sounds like they've added to the rules with spells and special items. This requires further investigation.

And that's it. See you all again in two weeks for more gaming goodness. In the meantime, don't forget to pre-order Test of Honour. It's releasing at the end of the March and looks to be a whole lot of fun.