Monday, 30 March 2015

The Bunny Arrives!

That's right team! The Easter Bunny is coming and so is another TCOW meeting! This week we'll be running the club as a "bring an easter egg" day, so make sure that as well as bringing your gold coins for El Presidente, you bring an egg for the bowl.

There are no Journeyperson league games planned, so jump on Facebook and hook yourself up with an opponent and a game and get into it! Auckland Open and the Hobbymaster Championships are coming up for Bolt Action, so now is the time to fine-tune that 750 point list!

Don't forget that the latest episode of the Behind Enemy Lines podcast is available for your listening pleasure. Check it out here

See y'all on Sunday!


Monday, 23 March 2015

Journeypeople - ASSEMBLE!

As you can see, once someone plants an idea at TCOW, its usually well received and this week's call to "flash it up" was no different! Ties, suits and even a frock made an appearance for this week's club meeting...just in time for the launch of the Warmahordes Journeypeople event!

We had about 14 people turnout with starter box or battlebox forces to start the league. With both seasoned vets and n00bs alike, there was an opportunity to really mix it up against all kinds of different factions and play styles. I missed the "play as many games as you can" memo, so only got one game in with Kr3oss and his 'Jacks against Andrew's Mercs. It was a close one though. Damned arc-nodes!

The 3x3 tables with limited terrain made for some exciting matches as well, with peeps being able to get in for the kill reasonably quickly! Just what the Butcher ordered!

Big thank to John Mc from Hamilton for sending some terrain up. Maybe next time you'll make the journey to the big smoke for some games?!

As you can see from the few photos that I managed to snap, crowded tables are definitely a regular thing at TCOW!

Final shout out here to Matt for agreeing to run the whole thing and organising the play kits with PP as well. Looking forward to the next round of games!

As well as Warmahordes dominating one end of the hall, there were a couple of other systems on display as well. Mike H and Jonathan were giving SAGA a run with Jon's Vikings pitting their Norse prowess against Mike's mounted Normans. This one was almost scuppered from the get-go when Mike realised that he didn't have a battle-board! Monkey to the rescue!

Now I really do love seeing games of SAGA in action. The models on the small tables really makes for some great watching. This one was no different as it came down to a Warlord on Warlord duke-out for domination! While both died in the melee, I think the agreement was the Mike's died worse giving Jon the game.

On the other table, Dan took Monkey through an intro game of Bolt Action. 750 points as a bit of a warm-up for the Auckland Open coming up in a few weeks with Monkey putting down his SAS with their jeep and Dan letting his Marines getting some time out of the jungle. This one was, unfortunately, a decidedly one-sided affair. Weight of numbers and order dice (and some very lucky dice) were just too much for the elite SAS.

I thought the Yanks were on our side?
Dead SAS. #sadface

Once the SAS bodies had been tidied away, Ryan and Pedro (Damian C with a dodgy mo) played another game. This time was a little more balanced with Ryan's Yanks taking on Pedro's Germans. Rather than taking his Panther, Pedro decided to field his Puma instead. Inspired as this turned our to be a bit of an MVP in the game, killing Ryan's Sherman while recce'ing away from danger and then running over Ryan's ground-pounders. I might have to invest in a Greyhound for my Yanks....

And then to wind up the day, I played Mike in an intro game of the Netrunner LCG. I'd bought this a while ago but hadn't has a chance to play yet. Mike's constant runs at my servers were too much by the end but I really enjoyed the mechanics for the Corp players. A few more games and I might get some league play under my belt!

And thus, we finished another TCOW. What a great day! So many systems and everyone had a good time! And that's what gaming is all about!

See you in a fortnight! GAME ON!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

The League of Somewhat Average Journeymen...

It's showtime!

This Sunday will see the start of the TCOW Warmahordes Journeyman League. A bunch of us will be starting off with just battleboxes of our favourite factions in the PP universe and battling it out for some amazing prizes. This one is officially sanctioned by PP as well with El Presidente having to assure them that we're a legitimate club, not just some bunch of dodgy dudes playing with toys...oh wait...

A few other systems are likely going to see the light this Sunday as well with the ever-present Flames of War potentially getting a run as well as a couple of intro games of Bolt Action, which should be awesome! If you're wanting to get some BA action in before Sunday, you should really head on over to Hobbymaster in Ellerslie on Friday nights (tonight actually) and there is usually a couple of games running.

I'm hoping to FINALLY get a game of Netrunner in as well. Having bought the starter box ages ago, it really does deserve some play time.

Oh, and because we're all classy and shit, this Sunday is Sunday Best day at TCOW. Suits and frocks people, that's all I'm gonna say. Watch this space for the photos!

So, onwards to an exciting weekend of gaming! If you're not busy between 2.30 and 6.30, why not head on down? The doors are always open at TCOW....figuratively speaking.


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Ides of March! Painting! STUFF!!!

A quick Thursday update for y'all. 

This weekend is Ides of March weekend so a big good luck to all those TCOW'ers who are playing in the event! Boost that damage team and remember that its not about who wins or loses but who brings home the spoon. The throne is growing ever woodier!

With Bolt Action getting heaps of attention at TCOW and everyone getting a heap of new plastic and metal to paint, the timing of Warlord Games' BA Paint Off couldn't be better! Check out all the details over at Warlord's Community but basically:

- You can paint anything from a single mini to a whole army as long as its a Warlord model.
- Must be painted and entered by 30 April either via Facebook or YouTube.

What could you win? Well, there are 2 prizes:

- The Best Painted gets a BA Rulebook signed by Alessio and Rick and a BA Starter Army of their choice.
- One random entry gets a copy of the D-Day Firefight Starter set.

And lastly, Dan and I recorded Episode 3 of Behind Enemy Lines this week so keep an eye out for an update there. Its a Battlefront-news laden episode with an exclusive chat with James "Grease" Brown on the new Colours of War paint range and painting guide.

Saturday, 7 March 2015


We hit the ground running today at TCOW! Into the hall, tables out and terrain on before you could say "I'd back THAT on Kickstarter!". Now it was all down to who wanted to play whom and at what. One of the things about TCOW, there is definitely never a lack of systems to play...and theres always someone willing to give something new a try.

So, rather that regale you with the ins and outs of the games that I played, because lets face it...theres only so many ways to say that I lost, I'd talk about what else was going on around the tables.

A couple of games of Warmahordes started up. There was the Khador vs. Skorne battle that Andrew Mc was in...I'm really not sure how that one ended up thought.

Faizal and Monkey were giving the game a whirl as well. Faizal had some big thing on the table...

But apparently, the bigger they are....the more debris they leave behind!

We got a couple of SAGA games going as well. Mike and Wayne over by the doors with Mike's mounted Normans trying to teach Wayne's dastardly Vikings not to invade their territories! So beautifully painted models on display in this game as well!

And to keep the TCOW staples as staples, Andrew H and Jonathan decided to have a real grind fest with a CV vs. CV infantry battle...playing Surrounded. That game was still going when I made a quick exit to rescue my wife.

There was also a DZC game that kicked off late. I must say, the more I see of this, the more I'm starting to like it. Must resist though...too many things to paint first!

And that was all she wrote really. Final tally:

Systems Played: 4
Players in Attendance: 14
Success: Complete!

Another awesome week at TCOW. This place seriously has to be THE BEST WARGAMING CLUB IN AUCKLAND...and I defy you to find one better!

El Presidente also has a deal for you on renewing your membership, so if you havent paid up (not that we force you to), then have a chat to him!

Until next time....obligatory shit dice roll photo...

Monday, 2 March 2015

TCOW is GO! Club On!

That's right ladies and germs! Another fortnight has passed so that means we can head on down to SWCH for another rousing bout of Toy Soldiers! So, just what are we going to see this week?

From the looks of things, there are already some games arranged of the Flames of War and SAGA varieties. Glad to see SAGA getting some more table time, I really do love that game! If we could get a couple more SAGA games going, well that would be AWESOME! If you've got a SAGA warband, why not head on down and bash heads?

As always, if you wanna just head on down and talk trash, who are we to stop you? You can watch games, comment on my ineptness, whatever you like. TCOW is YOUR place to do it!

In other news, Matt has gotten some keen response to his Slow-Grow Warmahordes "league". If you're keen to get involved, best drop him a line before all the spaces get filled.

So see you this Sunday, you know where, you know when....