Monday, 2 March 2015

TCOW is GO! Club On!

That's right ladies and germs! Another fortnight has passed so that means we can head on down to SWCH for another rousing bout of Toy Soldiers! So, just what are we going to see this week?

From the looks of things, there are already some games arranged of the Flames of War and SAGA varieties. Glad to see SAGA getting some more table time, I really do love that game! If we could get a couple more SAGA games going, well that would be AWESOME! If you've got a SAGA warband, why not head on down and bash heads?

As always, if you wanna just head on down and talk trash, who are we to stop you? You can watch games, comment on my ineptness, whatever you like. TCOW is YOUR place to do it!

In other news, Matt has gotten some keen response to his Slow-Grow Warmahordes "league". If you're keen to get involved, best drop him a line before all the spaces get filled.

So see you this Sunday, you know where, you know when....

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