Wednesday, 2 November 2016

BIG IS GOOD! Club Meeting - 30 October

Sometimes we just do some seriously awesome stuff here at TCOW and its bloody awesome! This week's club meeting was a single game affair....Flames of War and the German defence of Berlin. 3 6x4 tables joined together to form the centre of the German capital with the Reichstag, Tiergarten and Hitler's Bunker all awaiting its fate. On the Western flank, the American and British approach to be the first into the capital while in the East, the Soviet hordes approach.

Mike has been super busy in creating the spectacular terrain you see here including the floor plan of the Reichstag itself.

The Fuhrerbunker with waiting Kubel...

The Soviet approach from the rural East....

While the British and Americans arrive from the West.

And so, with the stage set, the combatants deployed and readied themselves for battle. The German generals led by Feldmarshal Von Carryer would have to hold the capital and destroy the invaders at the gates to win while the Allies must take the Reichstag itself.

And at any point, the Fuhrer may decide to make a (slow) run for it. From turn 3 onwards, von Carryer would roll and on a 5+, Adolf is off in his Kubel to board a flight to Buenos 4" a turn.

No more words...just regale in the glory of the TCOW MEGA BERLIN BATTLE!!!!

Some absolutely amazing shots here.

After 3 hours of the game, we still dont have a result either so we've all agreed to a smaller Part 2 game in a month so watch this space!

Massive thanks to the man himself, Mr. Mike Haught, for organising and running this awesome event! We're really lucky to have him as a TCOW alum!

So, roll on the next MEGA BATTLE!!!