Sunday, 31 March 2019

It's like World War 3 in here!!

A multi-system club meeting is a good club meeting in my opinion and the last time we met at TCOW, there were systems in droves from all parts of the wargaming spectrum.

Daryl and I cracked out some Team Yankee to get some practice with our potential Panzerschreck forces. I had Marines while Daryl had the Army in a training mission somewhere in West Germany.

Patton's are still the best, I'm just saying....

The we had some Cruel Seas over on the blue table with other Greg and Mike cracking into some naval action.

Such a good looking game, must remember to expand my Kreigsmarine soon...

And then on to 40K. There's a rather large tournament this weekend in Auckland so 66% of Team TCOW decided on some practice even if it wasn't with their tourney lists.

Monkey and Andrew player Disco Elves against Big Robots...

Meanwhile, Glen and Jorin hit out with some Wolf on Robot shenanigans...

The croissant of doom!!!

Bloody good afternoon of toy soldiers that. Worth the price of admission....

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Nerd Milkshakes - Club Meeting 10.03.2019

They bring all the nerds to the yard, and they're much for that random new shiny! That's right, Bludgefest has returned for 2019 and it was glorious!

So much random shit and so much fun. Amazing!

I myself may have traded some toys and cash for a copy of Man o' War and Plague Fleet....keep an eye out!

As always, games played as well. We had some 40k, some Flames of War, Batman and also Dead Man's Hand as well.

Glen and I tested a couple of lists for the upcoming NZTC in April.

And I left my actual painted Redemptor at home. Fucking dumb!

Bobby G, as always, in the thick of it.

Batman is still taking people's imaginations and games into Gotham, which is so awesome! Such a good game!

A couple of games of Flames of War also hit the tables.

And finally, Dead Man's Hand. This looks pretty cool to me, I might have to get a game in... Steve McQueen lost his head.

Yet again, a bloody good club meeting! We should do this again sometime!