Monday, 19 November 2018

Na na na na na na na na....CLUB DAY!!!

We've been waiting for this day for a while. Many of us dipped our toes in, bought crews, painted them up and waited....waited until the streets of Gotham beckoned us closer.

And so, we ventured out into the mean streets and hoped for the best.

The Batman Miniatures Games is pretty damned cool! There is a heap of flavour and some great fun to be had, regardless of which faction you decide to go down.

I'd brought my Riddler crew, Daryl had his Gordon Team while Faiz had the Maroni's. Can't remember who Caulfield had, but there was a Gordon in there as well.

Let's get some photo's out, shall we?

All in all, I think everyone had a great time playing this one. Need to add a few more people to my crew...maybe a Suicide Squad as well!

Monkey and Mike played some Legion as well, with everyone's favourite Mandalorian paying a visit.

While Glen and Jorin got some 40K practice in for an upcoming tournament. Drew Carey are still cheaty...

And East Berlin....

Another successful club! 

Thursday, 1 November 2018

FlamesCon 2018

Wow! October sure does roll around quickly! It only seems like the other day we were planning and executing the greatest Flames of War tournament in New Zealand....

This year we ran both Flames of War LW at 1500 points and Team Yankee at 75 points with a pretty broad assortment of forces. Both disciplines (are we calling them that yet?) were utilising the More Missions pack and we were hosted once again at the amazing Onehunga RSA.

We really have to pay a massive thank you to our generous sponsors for their ongoing support of events in New Zealand:

Now, show us the photo dump!!!

Armies on Parade

But like all good things, they must come to an end...and we must award prizes.

Damian Reid - Flames of War Spoon
Steve Eyles - Flames of War Best Sport

Kit Goldsbury - Flames of War Best Painted

Daryl Painter - Flames of War Mediocre

Phil Petry - Flames of War Best Table

John Lee - 2nd Flames of War
Simon McBeth - Winner - Flames of War

Alistair Jeffery - Team Yankee Best Sport

Wayne Turner - Team Yankee Best Table

Chris Townley - Team Yankee Best Painted

Leigh Watson - 3rd Team Yankee

Sofia Chambers - 2nd Team Yankee

Andrew Duncan - Winner Team Yankee

Greg Lockton - Team Yankee Spoon

Damo and I did the club proud.... Double Spoon!

So, until next year then....

Final Standings - Flames of War

Final Standings - Team Yankee