Sunday, 21 October 2018

Labour Weekend Toys!

It's been a while since we put a blog post up but rest assured, despite Dan's exile to the Deeeeeeeep Sooooooouth, TCOW is still here and still hitting them tables hard with as many systems as we can.

Now, even though this weekend was Armageddon weekend, we still managed to get 4 different systems being played.

Monkey and I thought it was time we got some Armada action back on the table. I regretted this decision almost immediately...

We also had WWII action in the form of both Flames of War and Bolt Action, Russian on German in both.

And finally, 40K is still a club stalwart which is great to see. Jorin and Glen battling with Necrons and Drew Carey.

Rumour has it we'll be breaking out some Team Yankee at next club, so keep an eye out for that one!