Saturday, 7 March 2015


We hit the ground running today at TCOW! Into the hall, tables out and terrain on before you could say "I'd back THAT on Kickstarter!". Now it was all down to who wanted to play whom and at what. One of the things about TCOW, there is definitely never a lack of systems to play...and theres always someone willing to give something new a try.

So, rather that regale you with the ins and outs of the games that I played, because lets face it...theres only so many ways to say that I lost, I'd talk about what else was going on around the tables.

A couple of games of Warmahordes started up. There was the Khador vs. Skorne battle that Andrew Mc was in...I'm really not sure how that one ended up thought.

Faizal and Monkey were giving the game a whirl as well. Faizal had some big thing on the table...

But apparently, the bigger they are....the more debris they leave behind!

We got a couple of SAGA games going as well. Mike and Wayne over by the doors with Mike's mounted Normans trying to teach Wayne's dastardly Vikings not to invade their territories! So beautifully painted models on display in this game as well!

And to keep the TCOW staples as staples, Andrew H and Jonathan decided to have a real grind fest with a CV vs. CV infantry battle...playing Surrounded. That game was still going when I made a quick exit to rescue my wife.

There was also a DZC game that kicked off late. I must say, the more I see of this, the more I'm starting to like it. Must resist though...too many things to paint first!

And that was all she wrote really. Final tally:

Systems Played: 4
Players in Attendance: 14
Success: Complete!

Another awesome week at TCOW. This place seriously has to be THE BEST WARGAMING CLUB IN AUCKLAND...and I defy you to find one better!

El Presidente also has a deal for you on renewing your membership, so if you havent paid up (not that we force you to), then have a chat to him!

Until next time....obligatory shit dice roll photo...


  1. "I'm really not sure how that one ended up thought."

    Let's just say that Tournament List vs What I've Got In My Bag (with dice that refuse to roll above armour) makes for a somewhat one-sided match. Especially when it comes with demoralising sideline commentary.

    I've learned my lesson. Next time, I'll check what sort of game my opponent is expecting to play before we begin.

    1. Demoralising sideline commentary? From whom? That kinda thing doesnt really have a place at TCOW, unless its directed at me.

    2. I don't want to name names because he may have had the best of intentions. He's just lucky I didn't go full passive-aggressive, immediately capitulate, then suggest he play instead instead of just dispensing 'wisdom' before leaving.

      If he tries that on during the Slow Grow league, I'll be the one failing my Threshold check.

  2. Hello, TCOW world! I was referred to this blog by Peter Dalope. I envy the spacious gaming area and the number of WMH gamers you guys have! Play like you've got a pair from Warmachine Philippines! - PG shink1m of

    1. Hi Ian, Thanks for the comments and thanks for reading!

    2. Always good to hear from Pressgangers around the world :)

      Stay tuned for the Very Slow Grow league we have starting on the 22nd, once a month set of games so will take a fair while to play through but a good number of sign ups and a great spread of factions.

    3. I think Peter is participating in your Journeyman League with Convergence. Is that the same one? I'll be spectating online ^_^