Thursday, 19 March 2015

The League of Somewhat Average Journeymen...

It's showtime!

This Sunday will see the start of the TCOW Warmahordes Journeyman League. A bunch of us will be starting off with just battleboxes of our favourite factions in the PP universe and battling it out for some amazing prizes. This one is officially sanctioned by PP as well with El Presidente having to assure them that we're a legitimate club, not just some bunch of dodgy dudes playing with toys...oh wait...

A few other systems are likely going to see the light this Sunday as well with the ever-present Flames of War potentially getting a run as well as a couple of intro games of Bolt Action, which should be awesome! If you're wanting to get some BA action in before Sunday, you should really head on over to Hobbymaster in Ellerslie on Friday nights (tonight actually) and there is usually a couple of games running.

I'm hoping to FINALLY get a game of Netrunner in as well. Having bought the starter box ages ago, it really does deserve some play time.

Oh, and because we're all classy and shit, this Sunday is Sunday Best day at TCOW. Suits and frocks people, that's all I'm gonna say. Watch this space for the photos!

So, onwards to an exciting weekend of gaming! If you're not busy between 2.30 and 6.30, why not head on down? The doors are always open at TCOW....figuratively speaking.


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