Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Ides of March! Painting! STUFF!!!

A quick Thursday update for y'all. 

This weekend is Ides of March weekend so a big good luck to all those TCOW'ers who are playing in the event! Boost that damage team and remember that its not about who wins or loses but who brings home the spoon. The throne is growing ever woodier!

With Bolt Action getting heaps of attention at TCOW and everyone getting a heap of new plastic and metal to paint, the timing of Warlord Games' BA Paint Off couldn't be better! Check out all the details over at Warlord's Community but basically:

- You can paint anything from a single mini to a whole army as long as its a Warlord model.
- Must be painted and entered by 30 April either via Facebook or YouTube.

What could you win? Well, there are 2 prizes:

- The Best Painted gets a BA Rulebook signed by Alessio and Rick and a BA Starter Army of their choice.
- One random entry gets a copy of the D-Day Firefight Starter set.

And lastly, Dan and I recorded Episode 3 of Behind Enemy Lines this week so keep an eye out for an update there. Its a Battlefront-news laden episode with an exclusive chat with James "Grease" Brown on the new Colours of War paint range and painting guide.


  1. Don't forget equinox is on as well this weekend. Plenty of chances to pick up a spoon or three there if any tcowers ae playing 40k, wfb or xqing.

  2. Good point mate. Not much word on that one, given that there is no Flames of War this year.