Sunday, 21 September 2014

Club Meeting - 21 September 2014

With dark clouds looming over the Waitakeres, it seemed like a pretty good afternoon to be inside and pushing toy soldiers around the board. We had about a dozen general-types keen, we got some tables out of the closet and got some terrain on the boards. A couple of tables set-up for Flames of War and one for DUST. There was another ready to go for either Malifaux or Warmahordes (both of which were played).

The desert table was brought along by David from Mighty Ape who had PAINSTAKINGLY ground all the skulls off it to make it multi-purpose.

So, 2 games of Flames under-way, a game of DUST, one of Malifaux and some WMH in the corner....a multi-system orgy as it were.

Ryan and I had a bash at 1500 LW for Flames while Steve and Jonathon also had a whirl. I had planned a wee list from Desperate Measures which I wanted to try out with a bunch of Hero T34/85's and some heavy tanks with air support. Ryan had his Panzergrens from Grey Wolf. PaK-40's and Nebs in tow with a flying cannon harassing my Russian Steel.....

Despite the attention from the Luftwaffe, my T34's were making good progress toward the objectives...until the PaK40's opened up and halted my advance. 
The rest of the battle was short-lived from that moment. An assault through the corn fields was halted and it was only a matter of time until I had nothing left. This would have been a 6-1 were it not for a hail-Mary shot at Ryan's Panther platoon to force a motivation test....which he failed!

I didn't get to see a lot of Steve and Jonathan's game but as I understand, Steve's Soviet horde rumbled over Jonathan's Germans but not before some lucky shots and a timely assault had laid waste to Steve's ISU-122 platoon threatening through the corn.

I ducked over to the desert table where David had just finished a game of DUST against Francis and talked David into another...Axis on Axis.

Free for all it was and we preceded to send our troops toward each other. Laser fire and heavy MG bullets whirred around and troops dying on both sides. I took the bait of David's Recon Grens sitting in the middle of the table in the open and brought my Ludwig on to blast them....only to have him lasered to oblivion in the next activation! Things weren't looking good for me....until Stefan got angry...

He flamed almost a whole trio of Monkeys, Faceless Death and Flak Boys before he met his end. A hero of the Fatherland he'll be remembered as.

The battle ended in a rather anti-climactic fashion..... David couldn't kill Lara and her remaining Panzer who took an objective. A great game and a heap of fun!

The clock wound down and it was 6.30.....another successful club day at TCOW!


  1. That desert table is looking good, Dave. Still can't quite shake the fantasy look of those trees and ruins though. I guess it's an old castle from the Crusades or something huh?

    1. Good call, he should totally put some faded Templar/Hospitaller crosses on it!

  2. Good show, gents! That desert table looks great Dave!