Monday, 14 August 2017

Space Elves suck.... Club Meeting - 13 August 2017

What? They do...everyone knows it!

You know what doesn't suck though? BLUDGEFEST V!!! Yep, that's right, there was a HEAP of resin, plastic, cardboard and other assorted gaming paraphernalia on display and ready to be scooped up!

Look at it all....LOOOOOOOK AT IT!!!

So many goodies! Once again, the magpies were treated well....

And we had games as well!!

GuardCon is quickly rolling around so there was a lot of 40k gaming going on. There was T'au, DKoK, Chaos Marine and their non-heretical brethren and....yeah, damned Space Elves as well.

The fields of battle were wide and varied....

As well as 40k, there was also a game of Warzone Resurrection...

As well as Dystopian Wars....

And then....the thunder and lightening arrived...and we high-tailed it out of these lest we melt!

So, what was your excuse for not turning up...?

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