Tuesday, 24 April 2018

All These Toys! Club Meeting - 22 April

A pretty large variety of games being played at club this week and there were definitely more people coming in to get their game on! Pretty awesome to see, but we need MOARRRRRRRR!!!

Dave and I finally got around to playing some ancients using the Basic Impetus rule set. My Greeks taking on his Bromans.

Once we managed to come to grips with the rules, it's actually a pretty quick and simple system to understand an play. The model count is pretty low, which is also helpful, and you can get away with having a force of less than 80 figures.

The Bromans took the field this day....but Athens will return.

Because ancients was quick and bloody, we also managed to get a game of 40k in with Dave's Fist-Chodes taking on my Smurfs and my Knight.

The Open War cards certainly make for some more interesting games than just playing from the book!

Darren and Daryl also managed a game of 40k with the dastardly Drew Carey heading into Nurgle's clutches...

There was also some itty-bitty 40k as well....

And let's not forget the Bolt Action either...

Blood Red Skies also made an appearance.

But there was a crowd brewing...

A race to the death was imminent...

It was time for GASLANDS!!!

The game sure does look fun! Can't wait to start painting them Hot Wheels!!

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