Tuesday, 29 January 2019

So Ancient! Club Meeting - 27 January 2019

Did we actually turn into old men over the holidays? Nah, some of us already were...right Reid?!

Our second club day back for 2019 and we took it old school with two different set of ancients rules broken out, Basic Impetus and L'Art de la Guerre.

Ryan and Mike played some ancient action with Ryan's Macedonians hitting the fields against Mike's (my) Athenian Greeks. Basic Impetus is a pretty quick rule set to learn and when you come to grips with the whole "magic number" scenarios which cover pretty much everything in there, you're good to go. Model count is relatively low as well, so it's a good entry point.

Meanwhile, another battle was brewing on the back table...

Monkey and I played some ADLG, using Monkeys Dacian and Wallachian forces, we played a couple of games. Again, coming to grips with the rules is pretty simple and, while I enjoy the simplicity of Impetus, ADLG just seems to add a little more tactics and grandeur to the game.

Meanwhile, somewhere in 1980's Germany...

And in 1940's France...

And then into the 41st Millennium...

The answer is yes, Drew Carey are still broken as fuck.

Why not come down and see us yourself next time?

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