Sunday, 2 November 2014

Club Meeting - 2nd November

It seems like an AGE since we had a club meeting and that would be because it's been a month. With people on FlamesCon duty a fortnight ago, no-one was able to run the show.

So, a heap of talk on the Facebook page about what games were going to be played and it seemed like we were in for a full house. Were we ever! 6 tables set up for varying games and about 16 nerdy/beardy types involved in all kinds of shenanigans! 

I'm not sure on what Gav is asking Mike with that finger?

The count of games over the course of the afternoon was:
3 x Flames of War 
2 x Warmahordes
1 x Kings of War
1 x Infinity
1 x Dropzone Commander
1 x SAGA

I managed to get a few shots through-out the afternoon of a few of the games and have posted these for your viewing pleasure!

The last game of the afternoon drew a bit of a crowd as Jonathan and I grabbed Mike's Viking and Norman SAGA forces and Mike walked us through an intro game. I have a Saxon army on the way and I believe that Jonathan is considering getting one as well. The rules are pretty simple to learn with only a few basic concepts needed to start playing.

I was a bit daunted by the Norman cavalry heading toward me a twice the speed I was moving but there was one thing they didn't count on..... BERSERKERS!!!!! Once they'd all but decimated the Warlord's Hearthguard all that was left was my Hirdmen to stroll in and get enough kills to send him to Norman Valhalla...where ever that is....

Great game! I'm really looking forward to getting some models and starting to paint them up.

So, that was another club meeting done and dusted (although, we didn't actually play any DUST). 2 more weeks until the next! 

Warmahordes in action!
Kings of War - Men vs. Abyssals
Dropzone Commander
Otto and the Tigers. 
US Armour (Armor for the Yanks) and German Grens.

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