Thursday, 11 December 2014

Last TCOW for 2014 - hashtag sadface

So this Sunday will be the final club meeting for the year and it looks like there is something pretty massive planned! 


This is going to be a 5 x 5 DUST battle pitting the mighty Axis forces against the combined power of the Allies and the SSU over the once formidable fortress city of Ranuigrad. Phaser, laser and tesla fire will fill the sky and many a Ghost, Ranger and Fakyeli will meet their maker. Who will prevail and hold the ruins and their position on the'll have to turn up on Sunday to find out...or maybe check the AAR next week, whichever is best.


Lots of people have been making a heap of progress on their SAGA forces and there have been some shots on the Facebook page to keep others going. I managed to get a 4 point game in on Tuesday....and I can attest to the fact that Dane Axes suck ass. Stupid bloody Danes.


On the FoW side of things, a little quieter post-FlamesCon as we play a few other things, but I have heard murmurings of a Vietnam focussed campaign....time to break out my Airmobile I think!

Keep an eye out for details of THE GREATEST FOW TOURNAMENT in the Southern Hemisphere. DanCon 2: Electric Boogaloo is coming....

So, we shall see you Sunday! DICE ON!!!

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