Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Battle for Ranuigrad - Part 2

Lara and her Panzers were sitting high in the ruins overlooking the remaining standing tenements and could hear movement in the floor overlooking their position. She looked toward a window and saw a face peering out at her, definitely not one of her battle brothers.... "Elf uhr! Feuer frei!!!" From inside the building, the sound of dying Fakyeli fills Lara's ears...and a wry smile crosses her lips as she is blasted to oblivion. The Allies have struck...

The aircraft were now starting to come into play. The Allied Pelican pilot makes his move over toward the Axis power weapon, the Wotan sitting back and lasering the crap out of anything coming into range. A single bomb under its fuselage...its one shot for glory. It releases and strikes....Wotan is no more. Caught in the blast is also the Axis Faceless Death unit...their numbers now diminished despite their DR saves.

Winter Child now makes himself known. He moves into a lower level tenement and is quickly followed in by the Flak Boys who open up with a Full Salvo at him...the blast and smoke clears and there is Winter Child, hovering...unscathed. "...├╝bermenschlich...!", the Flak Boys utter as he leaves their presence...he is hunting more important prey. 

Over on the hamlet flank, the Gorillas and other infantry start moving forward, taking advantage of the terrain to move into positions to make life difficult for the remaining Pershing with Rosie piloting it.

With some air support at their disposal, they started strafing the Pershing and trying to whittle down its effectiveness, as well as trying to dislodge and destroy Andrew's command team to prevent him bringing reserves in.

The monkeys surround the tank, but their numbers are quickly diminished by reactive fire. They only get one punch in before they're reduced to hair and mush.

This could be a blessing though. Back toward the middle of the battle, both Winter Child and the Pelican have converged on Rommel's position to try and destroy the Supreme Commander once and for all. The Pelican shoots the Desert Fox's Hanomag out from under him and he rolls free...but is vulnerable now. Through-out the game, the Axis players have struggled to bring on reserves, but now we need them! And get them we do, Damian's Gorillas come on to try and remove Winter Child...they strike and hit, but not enough.He strikes back and their gone. The Pelican now opens up on Rommel....and the Fox is dead. And with him, the hopes of the Axis forces.

With no remaining command teams, we cannot call on reserves. Our last hope for points is to return the favour and obliterate Patton. Our air support moves in and shoots away his transport. Patton rolls away and soon comes under fire again...but he survives just.

With time running out, we decide to call it. The Allied/SSU forces have won the field and the day, 10 VP to 7. 

From all accounts, this was a great game and definitely something worth repeating, although there has been calls for one-on-one games as well....for vengeance!

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