Monday, 19 January 2015

Welcome Back!

That's right ladies and gentlemen, TCOW is back! Bigger, better, stronger and faster than 2014! It is going to be a MASSIVE year of wargaming and nerdiness in general and to show you EXACTLY what we mean, we're starting off the year with a double-header!

This Sunday (25 January) sees the first regular club game for the year and there is already some talk about a DUST game going on and maybe some SAGA as well. If you want to get a game in, I recommend jumping on to the Facebook page and arranging something NOW!

Monday is the BIGGEST DAY on the Flames of War tournament calendar since 2014! That's right people, DanCon is back! This year sees the format change from last year's 1200 point Late War bash. We're playing 700 point, Late War, Mixed Doubles.....and the pairings change EVERY ROUND! MADNESS! Last year's winners and losers are coming back to defend their respective crowns and spoons and a few more people thrown into the mix. If you haven't already committed, you need to let El Presidente know ASAP!

This year, we're also going to be holding more, More, MORE events* for different systems and periods, so keep your eyes peeled. We've already locked in our first Vietnam event for the year thanks to Mike and I think there is talk of a SAGA event in the near future as well...

So, welcome to TCOW 2015.

Game on.......

* Not a guarantee of more events.

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