Wednesday, 6 January 2016

T.C.O.W 2016!

That's right gamers, TCOW is back for 2016 and boy are we excited! There is a lot planned for this year in terms of gaming and events and just keeping the roll from last year continuing. Just some of the things planned are:

- DanCon III - Just around the corner, this is Flames of War at its funnest. 1000 points of Random Doubles goodness and this year, its Early....Early War that is!

- TCOW's Magic Commander league. Its a happening thing baby! Card slinging is real and its not going anywhere! We've spent too much money on it!

- Frostgrave is gearing up and I get the feeling that there is something magical planned. 

And with a heap of new games on the horizon, I'm sure we'll be seeing lots of new shinys soon.

The first meeting for the year isn't far away, 17th of January in fact, so make your plans to have the day set aside for gaming!

That's right....


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  1. bloody hell. Right when we go away for the holidays too. meh. stupid real world.