Sunday, 17 January 2016

Club Meeting - 17 Jan 2016

It was cold at the first TCOW meeting of cold. It was cold enough to send one to ones grave even! Mind you, that could have been the air conditioning which really was needed given the temperature outside!

So, what did we do at TCOW this week, I can hear you asking....well, sit right there and read on!


A couple of tables depicting the frozen city of Feldgast appeared and a couple of intro games happened, Stu took Dave through a game and Molly and Martina took a run through the snowy streets. Some beautiful scenery on offer which makes games even more interesting.

Looks like this one will be next on the campaign trail for TCOW and I for one will be getting into it for sure!

Flames of War

A couple of games of Flames going on as well this week. Mike and Jon continued TCOW's involvement in the global Caen campaign with Jon's Grenadiers tried to stave off a thrust from Mike's Brits. Loving seeing some Churchill's hit the table as well!

This ended in a hard-fought 4-3 to the Allies but at a cost....Mike's poor carrier platoons.

Dan also ran a newcomer to both TCOW and Flames through a  couple of games in preparation for DanCon III. Early War German tanks taking on their British contemporaries. Pretty sure Dan lost a game too....

Magic EDH League

This week was the first week of the TCOW Magic Commander league as well. A couple of games played there and the results and standings will end up on a new TCOW page on Facebook! Keep an eye out!

DanCon III

Coming to a TCOW near you, DanCon III will be run by the club on Monday 1 February (Auckland Anniversary). 1000 points of Mixed Double Early War goodness featuring the 'Carried to Victory' rule (affectionately known as Cheeto Eating). There may still be some space, so check with Dan if you want to play.

Next Club: 7 February


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