Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Damn It's Hot! Club Meeting - 31 January

That the maker TCOW has air conditioning, right?! Really though, given we're the BEST WARGAMING CLUB in Auckland (still undisputed, might I add) you wouldn't really expect anything but top notch facilities, right?

So what did we get up to this week, I hear you ask? Well, read on valued reader, read on!

Bolt Action

Bolt Action made a triumphant return to TCOW this week with a couple of games being played. Looked to me like people were getting in some practice for Battlecry...but that wouldn't be the case at TCOW, right?

Dave and Saul played a Brit on Brit game with some slight variations in their lists. Both had carriers, with Saul having a few more that Dave. Looked like a really amazing game and I forgot to ask who won! Oh well, the playings the thing, right?

Andrew and Monkey also got some Bolt Action in with Andrew's French trying a sneaky invasion of Walmington-on-Sea and Monkey's Home Guard trying to hold them back. This one looked like a heap of fun as well. Monkey even had a bus.

Great to see some Bolt Action getting played. Might have to dust off my SS for next club I think!


Jon had intended on having an intro game of SAGA against a newcomer to TCOW...slight difference in times though.

The game eventually got going and some Normans tried to ride down the Viking horde wanting to pillage them!


You know that we played some Frostgrave! Molly and Stu started off a potential campaign with a quick game. Once again, some beautiful terrain on display for this one! 

Magic Commander League

Week 2 of our Commander League was well attended with 8 players split into 2 pods which were then changed after the first game. Players were allowed to make changes to their decks this week so some different cards in play.

Some heathens even played with NO SLEEVES!!! Sacrilege! 

Check out the standings over on the TCOW Commander League Facebook group! 

So there you go! We'll have a write up of the shenanigans of DanCon III later today, so keep an eye out! Until next time...


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