Wednesday, 3 February 2016

DanCon III - Results and Photos.

As tradition would dictate, with last weekend being Auckland Anniversary, we descended on the TCOW venue for the third iteration of the maddest, wildest and funnest FoW tournament in Auckland. DanCon III was here!

This year would see the repeat of random mixed doubles employing the "Carried to Victory" rule once again. Each player would bring 1000 points of Early War forces and then be randomly paired with a player from the same side of the tracks. They'd then take on a similar pairing. All going well, no player should play the same person twice or be on the same team as someone twice. Yeah right! This is DanCon!

It was really great to see some different forces being fielded. Typically we're LW players at TCOW, so EW is a bit of a rarity. Some players didn't even own EW forces and had to borrow them (me included). Many nations were also accounted for with my last count being 8 (German, Soviet, French, Hungarians, Japanese, British, Italian and Finns).

No AAR's here, but a few key moments from games I saw.

Glider Assaults. Well, what can we say. When they go well, they go well. And we did see that...once. So many crashed gliders and dead FJ. So much Koch potential, never to be unleashed. And Damo and Monkey were so confident as well...

And then....

Game 1, all Monkey got to do was move tanks and fail a bogging check. 

This became a very familiar scene...

Horses. I have a long and painful history with Cossacks. So why not take the fear head on and run them? So many horses! They look awesome deployed though, especially with 7 T-35's in support!

And now, the photo dump! Enjoy!

This is what happens when you get a turn 1 win....

And now to the results...take it away El Pres!

1st Place: Rob Sadler

2nd Place: Faizal Mohammed

3rd Place: Ryan Jeffares

And the ever coveted, ever sought SPOON! You know who!!!

There you have it team! DanCon done for another year and who knows what madness will be dreamt up for next year!?

Whatever it is, its gonna be Top Notch!

Huge thanks to everyone who helped make the event a massive success either through loans of terrain or armies or through their willingness to have fun! A massive thanks to Dan and Dave for prize support as well.

Until next year!


  1. Where and when do you guys meet up? I'm fresh over from the UK and will pretty soon be wanting a gaming club to join.