Sunday, 13 March 2016

Bludgefest IV - A New Bludge

Every few months, the members of T.C.O.W empty out of gaming closets, pile their unwanted loot into boxes, and head down to club for BLUDGEFEST!

This Sunday's meeting was the fourth Bludgefest, and it was another blockbuster. Before we get into what was on offer, however, there's one thing we should reiterate: There's still gaming to be had while Bludgefest is on. In fact, there was a good variety of gaming going on.

The Gaming

Four separate systems were played through the afternoon, as well as Magic and Zombicide. In no particular order...

Plucky humans fight to survive against the undead hoardes.
The German army engages in a 'training mission'.
The gangers of House Orlock take on an insidious Genestealer Cult.
A USNC battle group prepare to battle...
...the forces of the Covenant in a demo game of HALO: Fleet Battles.

The Bludging

The weather was warm and calm, so tables were set-up outside to hold the various items on offer. This seemed like a good idea at first, but after a couple of hours a few of us were starting to feel the heat. Fortunately, that didn't stop people from picking up some great deals.

Let's take a look at what was on offer...

An eclectic mix of blister packs, boxes, and board games.
A full Dark Angels army, some Star Trek Attack Wing, and a "limited edition" copy of Space Hulk.
Plastic sprues, buildings, and tanks.

A partially-built Imperial Knight, a Flames of War starter, and some assorted GW books.
A selection of old RPG and wargaming books.
Boxes of 15mm and 28mm vehicles.
More tanks, as well as some terrain and historical rulesets.
Even more tanks, infantry, and some Dusty zombies.
A selection of 'dead' themed items, some Great War infantry and rule book, and even more tanks.
Finally, an epic collection of books and games - including THREE copies of Space Crusade and six editions of 40k rules!
Yes, Timmy. That's an intact copy of Rogue Trader.
Not everything was sold by the end of the day, so if you see something you like mention it on Facebook and you might be in luck (if it's still available).

A special mention must be made for the organiser of Bludgefest IV, the Bludgelord himself!
Bask in his magnificence. Bask in it.
The next club meeting is 27 March. It's Easter Sunday, but that's not a reason to not pop down for a game or two (and maybe some extra bludging).

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  1. is the dust walker in the 2nd to last photo still avaiable?