Sunday, 15 January 2017

Did you miss us? Club Meeting 15 January

TCOW is back, bigger and better for 2017! We're not resting on the laurels of what was a stellar 2016, we're heading straight into it and we ain't gonna stop!!

The first club meeting of 2017 was a massive affair with 10!!! systems hitting tables at one point or another. It certainly was a full house! We played, in no order whatsoever:

- Blood Bowl
- Bolt Action
- Epic 40k (using NetEpic)
- Warmahordes
- Frostgrave
- Arena Rex
- Team Yankee
- X-Wing
- Dystopian Wars, and
- Black Powder ACW.

I don't think any other wargaming club in Auckland can boast that kind of gaming variance! And that's why TCOW surely is the best club in Auckland, hands down!

I know, I want to see some of the action right....well here you go!

El Pres welcomes you all to 2017!

Blood Bowl time! Orc on Orc Action!


The Arena beckons....

The Frozen City still holds secrets....

And the Soviets advance on the US Airborne. Armour looks to be fresh from the factory...


West Germans on the prowl.

Fleets on a collision course.....FOR FUN!

That guy....kill that guy!

A Warhound watches over the METAL BAWKSESS!!!

And finally, what I think was the best game of the day. Saul brought along his Black Powder ACW armies to run me through an intro game. They are some bloody good looking models and the game is super fun and pretty simple. I think this is gonna be my 2017 new system...

Today, the South rose again!

And so that was that for the first meeting of 2017! If this is a taster of what the year is going to hold, count me in!!

Now, if you're wanting to renew your membership for the year, have a chat to Dan.

Also, there are a couple of events coming up...

DanCon IV on the 30th of January. This year is Mid-War Random Doubles and spaces are almost full up. Get in quick!

SteamCon at Mighty Ape on the 25th of February. This is the multi-event weekend at MA encompassing Warmahordes, Guild Ball and Blood Bowl! Talk to Dave if you're interested but if you haven't been to a Mighty Ape event in the past, I can highly recommend getting involved. The swag is AWESOME!

That's it folks, see y'all in a couple of weeks!



  1. Hey Greg, where did Saul get his cornstalks from? They look great. I've been playing AWI Blackpowder down in Wellington and would like to do up some of the classic American cornfields.


    1. Hey Simon, I think they came from Mighty Ape from what he said. Cant remember what brand they were though.

  2. Hi, I'm an artist interested in gaming that is trying to create a role-playing/war-gaming event around the NZ Land Wars. Have you guys gamed the Land Wars yet? Who do you recommend speaking to? Cheers

    1. Hi Paul, I'm not sure if anyone has done any Land Wars games at TCOW. I'd say the best thing to do (if you havent already) is to head on over to our Facebook group and ask away!