Wednesday, 1 February 2017

DanCon IV - The Madness Continues!

What was last weekend? That's right, Auckland Anniversary weekend and that can mean only one thing...


And the tradition continues with the hats dictating all pairings but with a guaranteed Blue + Blue vs. Red + Red....with a couple of exceptions, namely the Cossacks and KV-1's in German Service

Each player brought 1,000 points of Mid War goodies to hit the tables with although one player had actually misread the briefing and brought a LW force. This was quickly cobbled back into a MW force though....Conscripts.

And so, with the tables set up and the hordes massing for action, we swung into it. As always, no stories of battle, just sit back and regale in the photographic glory that was DanCon IV! I'll tell you about the winners and losers at the end.

Ahhhhhh......shadduppa yo face!

Some really spectacular forces on display and a massive mix of nationalities covered.

But, of course there can only be one winner on the day and this year's honour belongs to Stu, who only a week before stated on Facebook that "I'm not a noob, I just suck because of dice and I tend to build historical lists rather than power game the shit out of a system."

Yeah, well...

Second and third were tied so we had a good, old-fashioned toss off to see who'd take which prize...

Gav rolled the 2 so officially came third with Jonathan taking second. Or the other way around possibly?

And of course, this is TCOW...the greatest prize of all is that of utter SPOONAGE...and in a massive reversal of fortunes last year's DanCon winner became this year's biggest loser...amassing a grand total of 4 points! Congrats Rob!

We owe a massive thanks to both Battle Kiwi and Mighty Ape for furnishing us with prizes for the event. You dudes seriously rock!

And I'll close with this image...nothing better than a smiling Cossack General, right?

I might just have that printed on a t-shirt....


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