Wednesday, 24 May 2017

BINGO! - Club Meeting 21 May 2017

Man oh man did we have some gaming going on! There was so much lead, plastic and resin you'd think someone was running a recycled gaming shop!

Our regular meetings have become an outstanding and diverse affair with all sorts of games being played all over the room. And this week was no exception!

So, do you wanna see what we did....? Of course you do.....pervert!


Itty-bitty IG and itty-bitty Daemon's battled over a landscape that looked reasonably untouched by an preparatory bombardments....

Gav's IG supported by a Titan took on the massed ranks of Magnus and his Tzeentch-crazed masses.


So good!


Continuing with the GW love-in, Dave and I played a game of their newest release, Shadowwar Armageddon. We've coined this one as Noobromunda....

I brought a Kill Team of Dark Elves and Dave brought his Genestealer Hybrids.

This was seriously a heap of fun! The best moment of the game, I think was one of my Wytches clearing a 4" gap to charge into close combat...just need to roll a 4+ and.....

VICTORY! Well, in the close combat. Soon after, I failed a bottle test and my ladies ran away....


We had games of every single (with the exception of the LCG and RPG) FFG Star Wars game! Armada, X-Wing, Imperial Assault and Destiny all got played! PEW PEW!!!

Not 100% sure where those Star Destroyers are off to....

Guild Ball

Dave and Darren also managed to get a game of Guild Ball in. This was using the teams from the Kick Off starter set and I believe Dave won 12 - 8.

So, more toys, more club, more fun!!!

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