Sunday, 7 May 2017

"Insert Witty Title" - Club Meeting - 7 May

Nothing gets a bunch of West Auckland gamers excited than waking up on a Sunday and knowing that it's a club day! You can head on in a grab some game time and just escape for a little while. And today was no exception with about 20 people hitting the tables for some toy soldier action. 6 systems were in action today.

Arena Rex

Gladiatorial Combat, wild animals and all!

Moments after this, Faizal's dudes went and hid....

Such a cool little game!

Test of Honour

Battling Samurai returned to TCOW today and because it's such a quick game, there was about 4 different rounds today. Cherry blossoms and all....

Kings of War

Massed battles in the Realm of Mantica! Today, Dave's Ogres took on Daryl's Dwarves.

Black Powder

Johnny Reb came a'wanderin', lookin' fer a fight!

Dystopian Wars

Glorious navies in some weird, steampunk future.....or past. UFO's as well!

Flames of War

New arrivals in the African Desert...

The bloody Italians won this round....but we'll get them next time!

And then, we played a good, wholesome family card game...

Such fun!

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