Tuesday, 24 October 2017

In the Grim Darkness of West Auckland....there is only DANCON!!!!

We've never run a 40k tournament at TCOW before but Dan had the idea of getting something in the calendar for the Monday of Labour weekend and see how we went. Using the well known DanCon random doubles methods previously seen in events such as DanCon I - IV (patent pending), we'd have room to comfortably house 24 gamers in style....

And if you promote it, they will come....

And so, with super-awesome prize support from our mates at Mighty Ape and Battlekiwi, we went to war in the 41st millennium....

There was a pretty good mix of races/factions accounted for across the combatants, including:

- Space Marines (Big and Small)
- Imperial Guard
- Genestealer Cult
- All the Space Elves
- Orks
- Chaos of all shapes and colours
- Necrons
- Tau

And with no Lords of War, there wasn't really anything too OP.

We played 3 missions and they would determine primary W/D/L status. Secondary point(s) would be awarded to the team with the highest kills based on Power Levels....and if you could kill something with 15+ wounds, you'd get a super extra Tertiary point....easy right?

Enough rambling man, get to the awesome photos and stuff.....!!

Can you spot the Drukhari....?

But all great things must come to an end...and we must give things away...

For the most illustrious of prizes....the MIGHTY SPOON!!! A tie!!

Darren and Daryl. 

(Side note, this is the 2nd spoon Darren has won in as many weeks. Well done mate!)

Best Painted: Monkey!

(Seriously, if you haven't seen his DKoK, go back through some of our articles and take a look. They're freaking AWESOME!)

3rd Place: Sam Barnard

2nd Place: Simon Farrell

And the winner of the inaugural DanCon 40k: Andy Duncan


And this clown took out Best Sport after a count-back.

So there you have it peeps, TCOW's first ever 40k tourney. I think we can call it a success...?

Massive thanks to everyone who supplied terrain for the tables and once again to our super-awesome sponsors...go and buy all their stuff!!

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