Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Club Weekend Yo and a Guest Blogger

Oh yeah! It's game time TCOW'ers! Sunday is a happening thing, so head on over to Facebook and arrange your games. Are we going to see the introduction of TNT to the mix or is this weekend going to be something else?

I do believe that the Warmahordes JML is continuing and there may even be an increase in the points levels, which should add a new level of flavour to the games!

As well as club on this weekend, the Bolt Action Store Champs are on over at Hobbymaster in Ellerslie on Sunday. 1000 points of LW Bolt Action goodness...and I'll be there stirring up trouble in true TCOW fashion! I'm hoping to win a couple of games as well, have to break out of this spoon mould some time!

If you're in the vicinity, come on in and say hi. The guys at HM have also stocked up on BA so they may have that bit of kit you've been missing.

So as I wont be able to attend TCOW this week, I invited EOI from the club for a guest blogger for this weeks meeting and was INUNDATED with responses...but there can be only ONE! So, expect to see a blog update from Mr. Andrew McColl next week letting the world know about out shenanigans! 


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