Monday, 18 May 2015

IN THE CLUB!!! 17 May Meeting....

Ahhh, Sunday. As a gamer and a nerd/geek, its always great to know that every other Sunday, I get to head out, man dollies in tow, and meet up with a group of like minded individuals. And then we play man dollies!

This Sunday was geared around blowing the dust bunnies off our DUST models and get a game in. There has been some bad blood for the system floating around of late but we seriously enjoy playing the game, as was shown by the number of games that we got in.

Dave brought along his awesome desert board to play on as well. His Axis units are painted to match, and they really do look right at home there. He took on the Bludgelord and his Ribbitski line with KV walker support. I didn't catch the result though...

Faizal wanted to get some more DUST games in, having not played too many. He took on Damian "Pablo" C and his Axis first and got a whole heap of stuffs blown up...Twin-Twin 88's are just broken and Pablo really does enjoy a good n00b stomping!

So to make Faizal feel a little better, Monkey said he would take him on with his Rangers and all seemed to be going well....until....

Time for a cooking! Scusami!! I always love it when The Chef arrives....and I'm not playing!

Jon and Rob were getting some FoW practice over on another table. They were playing 1800 points, LW...but I don't want to infer that they were tuning or practicing for all!

Jon was playing a German Grenadier company with Ludwig Windgruber in tow and Rob was running Commandos with some tank support and an arty park (BOOOOOO!!!!).

Looked like they were having a great time of it. I should really remember to get results from people and write them down though! Hey, at the end of the day, everyone is a winner.....right?

We also had a couple of intro games of Warmahordes going on by the window-doors.

While all this awesomeness was going on, I was playing Andrew at his first game of Bolt Action with an appropriate amount of seagulling happening at the same time. Andrew has a beautifully painted (mostly) British force with a Cromwell and a couple of cheaty carriers...

I took my Yanks with a Sherman, Greyhound and M3 for support as well. We decided to play Max Attrition, really easy and simple way to get the basics down.

I would like to add, on the record, that I am not now, nor have I ever been a n00b stomper...I am a n00b myself....but sometime the dice just go in your favour, as was the case this time around.

I managed to get a first turn range in with my mortar which killed off Andrew's 25 pdr. In a repeat of my game against Rob, Andrew called in an Artillery bombardment right by the bulk of my force and once again, rolled a 1 meaning it was now MY artillery....I moved it toward his stuff and did a heap of pins. No kills though.

Recce vehicles are just great. Especially when they can get in behind the enemy...Andrew didn't like it though.

Final turn of the game, I get my CO killed though but by then, the damage has been done though and I walk away with a 4-2 win.

And last but not least, Pablo wanted some more n00b stomping so took on Pete at some X-Wing. After Pablo killed Vader in the second turn, it was pretty much all she wrote for Big D and the Ijits....

So that was another TCOW meeting. 5 systems played and a great meeting all around I think. If you disagree, you know who to direct complaints to...


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