Sunday, 3 May 2015

Bludgefest 2015 - SO MANY TOYS!

There are moments that ideas are formulated and they just fit. They make perfect sense and everyone can benefit from them. Sliced bread, bottled beer, acrylic paint...all examples of these kinds of moments. And then there are those moments that are so momentous, they shake humanity to the core. Bludgefest is one of those moments and I witnessed it in all its nerdly glory!

This one was Damian's idea. Bring the stuff you don't want down to club, put a price on it and see who wants to buy it. A concept so simple, its simplicity is genius. So that's what people vast numbers! It was a veritable Portobello Road of geekiness with so many cool things... FoW, KoW, 40k, Warhammer, DUST, Warmahordes and everything in between. I spotted this little gem in the corner, which James was selling:

This one got picked up by Monkey for an absolute song! Well done mate, looking forward to cleansing some 'Stealers soon!

All told, we had about 40 gamers through the doors at one time or another trying to bag a bargain. Bludgefest was a great success and is something that will be repeated, watch this space!

Lets not forget that it was also a chance for the guys to get inside and play some games too! The TCOW WMH Journeyperson league was back this week and there were a heap of people getting their games in to add to their overall points. I forgot to grab my Menoth box on the way out the door, so managed to get a total of 0 games in....lame! Must remember next time! As always, a heap of fun. Its just one of those games that keeps giving!

Other systems were well represented as well. Mike and Jon notched up another SAGA game with Mike's Normans trying to stop Jon's Vikings getting across the valley with some Norman livestock. This game went in the Vikings favour I believe, which has lead Mike to vow to get his Danes painted...nothing like a bit of competition to get you painting!

And still flavour of the month, Bolt Action had a couple of tables going. David and SnuSnu (real name unknown to me) played a Russian vs. DAK battle with the Red Tide washing over Rommel's boys from what I understand. Weight of numbers besting the Germans on the day. Some beautiful painting on display here too!

El Presidente was also giving Rob a walk-through of the game. Rob has just bought a Brit Para army so needed to dive in. Dan took his Marines up against them. I took over this game half-way through on the Marine side. Unfortunately, its also where the tide turned for Rob. His called-in artillery strike turned on him and I placed it where it could do maximum harm. 1 unit wiped out and the rest shell-shocked, the 'Muricans started their roll to wipe out the Limeys. Result, 5-0 to the Americans (Maximum Attrition).

I really do enjoy Bolt Action. So much fun!

Damian C and Alex also managed to get a game of Dropzone Commander in. Buildings were destroyed and lots of little tanks marching around. I don't really understand the rules of this one too well, but it does look good on the table!

Last but not least, David G gave Wayne an intro Kings of War game with the new v2.0 lists. Its been a while since we've seen KoW played, but given the v2.0 rules are just around the corner. we could be seeing more. Must get my Dwarfs painted...

And thus, Bludgefest 2015 came to a close. I left with my 4 Hellcats, Barkmann, AirCav tokens and Zulu Wars Brits tucked in my bag so the wife doesn't see them and left. 

Its good to be a geek....


  1. Stuart is DeathBySnuSnu's real name. I just don't use it on FB because I'm terrified potential employers will find out how massive a war gaming nerd I am ;). Also the Russians couldn't quite roll over the DAK but it came bloody close. Draw on the extra turn with just the Panzer III surviving.

  2. Thank Stu. Duly noted! I wondered how it was possible that the red horde could triumph over the DAK...