Wednesday, 29 April 2015

BLUDGEFEST 2015 and Ivan vs. Joe.

Oh yeah! It's been a while but TCOW is ON LIKE DONKEY KONG this weekend! We have a bit of a Garage Sale/Swap Meet going on, the return of the Warmahordes JML and I'm sure a whole heap of other games as well!

Y'all know the story, 2.30pm start with the Bludgefest starting at 3.00. 

If you have some gaming surplus that you want to trade, sell or donate, bring it on down! I know there is already a heap of 40k that people are wanting to sell as well as a heap of other stuff.

See you Sunday! GAME ON!

So, I've mentioned before that I semi-regularly get down to FTW Games in New Lynn for some gaming time outside of TCOW meetings. Just a cool bunch of guys who really enjoy gaming regardless of which game it is.

Scott and I had agreed to play 750 points of Bolt Action, his Russians vs. my Yanks. We tried to get a bit of terrain on the table to break things up and this is what we ended up with:

Because neither Scott and I have the BA rules, we just decided to play Maximum Attrition as a mission. Pretty much just kill as much of the other guys stuff in 6-7 turns. Scott won the dice off for choosing sides and decided to come on by the buildings. Given he's playing Russians, Scott's got the weight of numbers with 9 order dice vs. my 7. From memory, Scott had:

2 x Regular Infantry Squads with 2 LMG's each.
1 x Free Inexperienced Squad with 2 LMG's. Redacted, Scott didnt cheat.
1 x Second Lt with 2 extra dudes (rookie move).
1 x Sniper team
1 x MMG
1 x Medium Mortar
1 x AT Rifle team
1 x T34/76

My force is made up of:

2 x Regular Infantry squads with a BAR each.
1 x Second Lt with one guy.
1 x HMG
1 x Medium Mortar
1 x Bazooka Team
1 x M4A1 Sherman with Pintle HMG

So turn 1 involves us moving on without too much shooting apart from Scott's T34 rolling on and killing my HMG squad. Down to 6 dice already, bugger! Looks like I'm going to need to get some of my AT on to sort him out.

Turn 2 and on comes Shermie the Sherman. He fires at the T34, but misses. No such luck for Scott's inexperienced squad though, they take MMG and HMG fire and some pins. Meanwhile, one of my reg squads moves around the flank.

Turn 3 and its time for the T34 to die. Shermie fires an AP shot toward the Russian steel...

It hits...and penetrates. Damage roll - 4! One dead T34...

With nothing else that can really hurt Shermie, the next few turns are him roaming and killing Russkies, them killing Yanks but no-one being able to break the deadlock. 

Last turn, turn 7. Shermie is in position to wipe out a Russian Squad and an AT rifle team. He has a pin from last turn, so I need to roll an 8 to get him to either fire or assault. What could go wrong, right?


Yep, thats right. At the worst possible time, I FUBAR. With the enemy within 12", Shermie fires his HMG at my infantry squad inflicting 2 casualties. Not enough to make them test, but enough to ensure this one was a draw. Both CO's had survived so nothing to tie-break.

So, another super-fun game of Bolt Action! I am really loving this game!

Behind Enemy Lines

Dan, Mike and I have recorded 6 episodes of BEL now and they're all awesome! Make sure that you go and take a listen!

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