Friday, 3 April 2015

Garage Gaming

Many of us will have started our gaming careers just pushing figures around someone else's garage or playroom. And sometimes, its just fun to get back there and do it again.

Friday night saw Dan, Damian, Faizal and myself head on over to Monkey's place. I took 750 points of Bolt Action 'Muricans with me. Everyone else had done the same so with Monkey having 2 tables at his disposal we had a couple of games going.

My first game was against Damian and his FJ supported by a "Tiger" and my Americans supported by that stalwart of the American armed forces in WWII, the Sherman. With higher-priced, more experienced infantry squads and a heavy tank, I had the advantage as far as order dice went but as we all know, anything can happen when the hand goes into the bag!

So, the game pretty much went like this.
1. Americans advance toward the objective.
2. Americans get lucky and range in their mortar, begin FJ squad decimation.
3. Tiger Russ shoots Sherman and misses. Shoots American infantry to try and keep them off the objective.
4. Rinse and repeat.

Unfortunately, the one time my Sherman managed to hit the Tiger and PEN the armour, I only managed to shake the crew. It wasnt long before the Leman Tiger sighted right and my Sherman took one to the balls.

The FJ squad on my right, having been the attention of mortar fire, Sherman fire and other small arms fire wasnt feeling too well....the just wouldnt bloody die!

Turn 6 hit and with the Yanks on the objective, thats a win to me! Currahee!!

On the other table, Monkey's SAS were pretty much giving Faizal's Soviets an education in what to do in war. Despite not having a tank at their disposal and a T-34 heading toward them, the steely resolve of Britain's elite were too much for the Red Horde.

Time for a swap! Dan and I decided to play some Yank vs. Yank while Faizal and Damian moved on to a game of Warmachine. Butch3r was in the house!

My game against Dan was probably to most fun game of Bolt Action I've played so far. I managed to knock out Dan's Sherman on the first turn and from there, I felt in control of the game. I'd managed to remove all of Dan's infantry around the objective of Capt. Mannering but took a lot of fire in doing so. With turn 6 wrapping, we rolled a die for another turn....and got one.

Weight of fire on my unit holding the objective was just too much and they routed leaving Dan in control. Bugger!! I was 50/50 for the night.

The Warmachine game was also a barrel of laughs. Damo was all set for Butch to assassinate Denny. All he needed was 14 damage on a boosted damage roll and the game was his....

So close!

So what to do? Easy! Throw one of Denny's troops at her! If it deviates right, she's gonna cop it right in the face! And with only 2 damage left, that would be the end of her! But that failed as well....damn it!

Faizal's turn and Denny went for the jugular...3 attacks, 20 damage needed....

And 19 scored.... Faizal wasn't feeling too well...

Luckily for him, he had another unit in charge range and despite Butch3r's dogs being close enough for an intercept, they weren't enough to stave off death. Faizal won this one...just!

And that was that! Garage gaming at its finest. A few guys in a garage, toy soldiers and a heap of fun!

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