Sunday, 5 April 2015

Eggstravaganza! Club Meeting - 5 April

"And on the third day of the long weekend, they met. For gaming was the order of the day. And lo, they arrived at the appointed place and time. And they saw the tables and terrain and decreed it was good."

A great day for gaming and a heap of people had shown up to get their Easter fix of toy soldiers and other assorted toy pushing. The NatCon tournament was being held over the weekend as well, so we expected a few less than normal. We were pleasantly surprised to get one of our biggest turnouts for the year so far and with a vast array of systems being played! I think it was the promise of chocolate eggs that drew them in...and boy did we deliver!

So, what did we manage to get played this club meeting. So, 5 different systems running at one point or another. We had Deadzone, SAGA, Flames of War, Bolt Action and Outrider! Pretty diverse lot of games there.

Now, I was playing Bolt Action so didnt get too much of a chance to wander around and see the other games in action which was a little disappointing as I was very interested in having a watch of Deadzone. Oh well, maybe next meeting once I've brushed up on the rules.

In the corner, the Outrider game looked like a heap of fun. I really like the idea of taking some of my son's unused Hot Wheels and turning them into hundred mile an hour machines of destruction!

Gav and Nod kicked off an 1800 point LW game of Flames of War next to the Outrider game. Russians vs. Germans and given the points level, it sounded to me like they were getting in some practice for WolfCry...hmmmm....

The SAGA game in action was an Anglo-Dane vs. what appeared to be Byzantines. Massed ranks of cavalry pitting themselves against the hordes of angry Danes.

And finally, three games of Bolt Action played at varied points levels. With the Auckland Open fast approaching and the Hobbymaster store tournament next week, people were wanting to get some practice in and fine tune their 750 point lists. Bolt Action is quickly becoming a favourite system at TCOW and with good reason! The cinematic nature of the game, order dice coming out of the bag with no knowledge of whats coming and having to formulate plans around the random nature of the dice... just brilliant!

And anything could happen...

Very shortly after this was Sherman died. #sadface

And not long after that, we packed up and called it another TCOW in the can. A heap of different systems played and homage paid to Zombie Jesus. Ramen.

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