Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Auckland Open Results

Hello TCOW'ers!

Last Sunday, instead of a club meeting, many TCOW members attended the Bolt Action tournament at the Auckland Open. I couldn't make it unfortunately, but from what I've heard in the last couple of days it was a really well run and fun event. Definitely well worth repeating by all accounts, which is fantastic news for Bolt Action and its growing community of fans!

I've stolen a few pictures from David's posts here, hope you don't mind David.

So the results of the day were:

1st overall and Best Axis general: Dan Cruickshank.
Best Allied general: Faizal 'Token' Mohammed.
2nd Axis general: Steve Lidgett.
2nd Allied general: Regan O'Malley.

Mugs gallery here:




And as it was a well attended event by TCOW standards, there is also the pressing matter of who took the coveted spoon. And for the second week in a row in a Bolt Action tournament, our very own Damian Reid! Spooner extraordinaire! Damo's Fallschirmjager also took out best army for his history and dedication to the part, as you can see from his mug shot.

Well done to all those that attended and well done to Dave and the rest of the AO crew for organising such a great event! A couple of other snaffled photo's to follow.

Tiger goes hunting...

El Presidente's finished Marines. Semper Fi!!

Damian C's finished Grrrrmanz.

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