Sunday, 12 April 2015

Bolt Action - Hobbymaster Championship

And the Bolt Action crew of TCOW arrived at Hobbymaster this morning for what would surely be a day of fun, shenanigans and spoon chasing! We werent disappointed!

8 players all told made their entry into the tournament with a good mix of nationalities and lists (from memory, Americans, Germans, British, Japanese and Italians) which made for some interesting match-ups!

Match-ups were random and worked on a Swedish or Swiss system, I forget. It made the whole thing pretty fair in terms of later match-ups.

So many fun moments across the games and none more that when Damian, with his FJ rolled a FUBAR who turned around and Panzerfaust'd his Tiger. The Tiger managed to survive which was fortunate...until the Tiger tried to activate and proceeded to FUBAR as well....turning on the FJ that had 'Fausted his and opening up withe MG's on them! Hilarious!

A heap of other games were played, obviously! But I could only manage to remember what happened in my ones. I'm not going to bore people with a total AAR of Greg's shit would that be.

So here are some of the photos I took capturing bits and pieces of the action. Results and pics of the glorious victors at the end.

We did manage to get a photo of the whole playing crew as well.

And now for the results.

Equal 3rd: Dave Greig (British) and Jed Stanton (Japanese).

2nd: Saul Everett (US Airborne)

1st: Dan Cruickshank (Cheesy Eye-talian Flamers :0D

Well done to all the winners. But you know what, this is a TCOW blog! Who won the spoon, I can hear you all asking...

He did it! The Bludgelord himself! With a SINGLE, SOLITARY point! Your spooner!


So that was that. Some good practice for the guys playing the Auckland Open next weekend. Massive shout-out to Dave Mulder for running the show and for Hobbymaster Ellerslie for having us for the day. Roll on for the next tournament!


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