Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Star Trekkin' at FTW....

The rumours are indeed true. Yet another system has started assimilating itself into the TCOW fold...Star Trek Attack Wing. Similar in play style to X-Wing this should be an easy pick-up, right? Well, for the most part it actually is. So much so that Damian has gone all out and just amassed a Borg fleet with plans for more...

I'd already bought a Constellation-Class ship to have a look over the components before committing to getting the game so Damo said we should get a game or two in at FTW and see how it played. As we're both new, it would be a good learning experience. What's the worst that could happen...?

Pretty easy game to start with, Damo's Scout Cube with some toys vs. my Galaxy-Class Enterprise with Riker and some Photon torpedoes (not to be confused with Star Wars Proton torpedoes). Should be a lock for Riker! Yeah....right! 

The Borg are damned tricky bastards! They don't turn like other ships, rather they just move straight in any direction and change their facing...so they can just shoot anyone! So Riker was gonna have to chase down the Cube and blaze away with his Photon's and then get close for the finisher...

Fortunately for me, I can fire Photon's out my ass...! 

Federation 1: Borg 0

So let's step this up a notch then...this game seems easy! So now, Damo gets his BIG BORG CUBE (Tactical Cube 138) and loads it up with all the toys getting it to about 90 points worth. 8 shield and 9 hull with Borg Ablative Armour means I need to hit him 21 time to kill....not much at all.

I'll need reinforcements....so how about Kirk, Spock, Chekov and Ilia on the Constellation-Class Enterprise...with more Photon's. Yeah, that'll do....

We'll just go ahead and put a classic pincer move on the damned thing and start blasting it with Photons. Need to get the shields gone real quick so I can start making a dent on the hull. This is around the time we figured out the whole Enabled/Disabled mechanic with crew, weapons etc....and I figured out that Spock is a bad ass for torpedoes. Damo also has a wee trick that means he can split fire with his 9 attack dice.

Riker and the TNG Enterprise are taking most of the Borg heat and with their Photon torpedoes being assimilated, only had their main weapons to assist the struggle. Best thing to do then...get in close! Riker has the ability that when he's shot at at range 1, he gets 2 shots back....even if he blows up!!!

The damage is being done to the Borg Cube and its getting down to the wire. The TMP Enterprise is on her own and down to her last hull....its Hail Mary time...Photon style!

The Cube moves away...and the Enterprise manoeuvres...

And fires...

Federation 2: Borg 0....but only just!

So, what's the worst that could happen? We realise that this is a bloody cool game and agree that we should buy more...DAMMIT!

So, you think that would be enough gaming for one night, right? WRONG! Scott has had a copy of Blood Bowl: Team Manager lurking for a couple of years and wanted to give it a whirl. Why not?! I remember playing a lot of Blood Bowl as a younger gamer and still have my Chaos All-Stars at home. The game is by FFG so you know its gonna be a good one!

Four of us played, Scott, Damo, De-Ron and myself as the Dwarfs, Orcs, Elves and Chaos (respectively). It is a very good game which gives you all the feel of playing games of Blood Bowl but also incorporates some coaching and luck. Definitely worth a look...and once its laid out on the table and you're really into the game...it looks AWESOME!

So, as always, a great night of gaming down at FTW!


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