Monday, 29 June 2015

Club Life!

Sometime, a picture can say more than all the words you write with them. Now, with that philosophical tripe out of the are a few words and then a few more photos.

Club day on Sunday was a full bloody house, and that's an understatement! Unfortunately, some of our members took to a secret location to get their X-Wing fix as there just wasn't the room. Sorry guys.

With the Warmahordes JML attracting a dozen or so players and three games of Flames of War in practice for up coming events, namely WolfCry and Panzerschreck, there wasn't a lot of space for walking around and looking at things. To give you a sense of how cramped it's a photo from up on high:

This was taken before the madness really took hold...

JML moved to 4x4 tables this round and points levels were increased which made for longer and larger games. Really good to see so much interest and activity on the JML. Just awesome!

Three games of various sizes and flavours of Flames of War also materialised. 1800 LW for WolfCry practice and 2000 LW doubles (although Pat was a single) practice for Panzerschreck. Germans, Soviets, Brits and 'Muricans all featuring in the games.

There was a great moment in the "doubles" game with Pat shooting Mike's IS-2's with his King Tiger. 3 shots, re-rolling misses and getting 2 hits is pretty good. Mike has the weaker IS-2's so he needs 6's to bounce the 8.8cm shells....

We also saw a game of Star Trek: Fleet Commanders Captains being played. Keeping with the current Star Trek love at club...

And more Trek with Damo taking Francis through an intro game of Attack Wing. Borg on Klingon action!

So much fun...that's the name of the game at TCOW!

Good luck to all our members mixing it up at WolfCry this weekend. If you're free, head on over to the Remuera Bridge Club and support our boys as they search for glory and the SPOON!

With Panzerschreck on during the next club weekend, there will be no club so we'll see you all in a month or so.


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