Sunday, 5 July 2015

WolfCry 2015 - TCOW RIDES!

The WolfCry tournament has a special place in my heart. It was the first ever Flames of War tournament I ever played in back in 2013 and always offers up a great deal of fun and an amazing theme for players to get involved in.

This year was no exception with the 2 day tournament being split into 2 x 1 day tournaments to add a little more flavour! The format was 1800 points Late War and day 1 would cover the Western Front with Day 2 sorting out the East side. Unfortunately I was only able to make the Western Front this year, but that didn't mean I was going to have half the fun!

I'd decided a while ago that I would start building an American armoured force and really wanted to have it ready to go for WolfCry so in true tournament fashion, I finished painting the night before...

My force was taken from Blood, Guts and Glory and was based around the 7th AD. Sherman's, Sherman's, Hellcats and Priests with some Armoured Rifles to bolster the numbers. So with that, I took to the fields of Western Europe.

Game 1 - No Retreat

My first game was a match-up vs. Lee who'd brought a Panzerspah Company to the table. Pumas, PaK 40's, Panzer IV's and Panthers with some AA trucks as well. Hopefully my Detroit Steel rolling forward should be enough to crunch them...

The battlefield. I attacked through the destroyed town at the bottom of the picture.

The American objective. We got so close! (Not in picture, the Pak40 line to the left...)

The Hellcat line tries to stop the Panthers across the wall. Not a single hit...not one!

So despite a quick thrust toward the objective, I just couldn't hold it. I did manage to take Lee's Panzer IV platoon with me but as he had 9 platoons...

6-1 to Lee and a really fun game! 

Game 2 - Breakthrough

My second game was against Rob and his mish-mash of British troops. Commandos, Paras and 25 pdrs with a smidgen of tanks support in Sherman's and some M10C's. I got to attack again being a tank company and all.

Jumbos lead the way! Hiding around the corner are Rob's Sherman's.

The M-10's arrive but we should be able to sort them...and then not a single hit....

The RAF harasses my artillery support.

Once again, I just couldn't make inroads toward the objectives and by the time my ARP arrived, there was plenty of covering fire. 6-1 to Rob.

Game 3 - Dust Up

Last game of the day and its the battle for the spoon between Damian C and myself. Pablo has his Guards Armoured. Sherman's, Cromwell's, M-10's and Typhoons. My Sherman's are a little superior so this should be a good match-up.

The Guards defend the town and the Cow....

The Yanks defend the crops and the Goat....

The RAF swoops in....

Hellcats appear but too late to matter...

This one could have gone either way but my Sherman's pushing into the town left them open to strafing from the RAF. I took a platoon with me though so 5-2 to Pablo.

So, in what seemed like a very short amount of time, the day was done and we all gathered around Gav to hear who had triumphed and who had fallen...

First Place - Lee Reygate

Second Place - Mike Haycock

Third Place - Andrew Haught

Best Painted - Steve London

Best Table - Sofia Chambers

And last....The Spoon! I DID IT! Well, that and Best Sport....

I'll post the results of the Eastern Front day once I have them to hand



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