Monday, 6 July 2015

Army Showcase - Greg's US 7th Armoured Company

This is the American force I took to WolfCry 2015. It's based on the Blood, Guts and Glory book and is a tank company. I've listed below how I constructed it. 

Now, I know that I'm not the best painter in the world so save your trolling for someone else. TCOW is all about the gaming and this is what I game with.

#1 Platoon

M4A3E8 - "Easy Eight", M4A3E2 - "Jumbo", M4A3 (Late) 76mm, M4A3 (Late)

#2 Platoon

M4A3E8 - "Easy Eight", M4A3E2 - "Jumbo", M4A3 (Late) 76mm, M4A3 (Late)


CiC - M4A3E2 "Jumbo", 2iC - M4A3 (Late)

Tank Destroyers

4 x M18 Hellcat

Armoured Artillery Battery

3 x M7 Priest with OP M4 Sherman

Armoured Rifle Platoon

The list, as run, was constructed as follows:

A couple of notes on my painting process:

- All painting is by hand, no airbrushing which is why there isn't any modulation. I'm gonna be starting with an airbrush soon though!
- I chose not to use any washes here, something I may change later on.
- Iraqi Sand is the best paint ever invented!
- Dry brushing, when used well, is a brilliant technique!


  1. painting is not too bad! I run a 7th AD list too, but I keep the tank platoon roles separate: I've got one 'anvil' platoon with jumbo, 2 76mms and one or 2 75mms. Then I have a 'hammer' platoon rushing into flanks of 3 Easy Eights and two to three M4A3 (late), for the 35cm drive and Easy Eight effect at 15cm. I know that the Jumbo is beloved by many but I don't want to sacrifice the speed...

    1. Thanks! It was the first time I'd run Yank Tanks so given what I know now, I think I'd do something similar to what you've suggested! Jumbos are the business though! Love them!

  2. Looks good to me, but I'm gamer first, and 3' realist only second. ;)

    Would suggest 2iC in Jumbo before CiC though, the work has perils.