Sunday, 26 July 2015

SIGMAR RIDES!! Club Meeting - 26 July

The Age of Sigmar has arrived! Well, later on in the afternoon it did anyways. A pretty miserable day out in the real world but inside the confines of THE GREATEST WARGAMING CLUB IN AUCKLAND (and we'll challenge any who think they're better...) it was all on! With over 30 gamers in the room, things would have been a little cramped for the planned WMH JML meeting, so they were moved to more salubrious the annex.

So, as well as 4 games of WMH played by the leaguers, what else did we have going on? Well, regardless of your gaming desires and preferences, I really think we had something for everyone at one point or another! We had Flames of War, Bolt Action, Star Wars Armada, Star Trek Attack Wing, Kings of War v2.0, TNT and a demo game of Age of Sigmar played which drew quite a crowd indeed.

Here at TCOW, we're firm believers in the moniker "don't knock it until you've tried it" so try it they did! To whet their whistle though, Dave and Damo sat down for some Orge on Orge action in the first game of Kings of War using the new ruleset played at TCOW.

From what I could hear over on the Russian Steppes (playing 1500 points MW against Gavin) there wasn't much need for reference to the rules indicating that all the changes Mantic have made aren't really that difficult to get your head around and that they're intuitive. I'm really looking forward to getting my copy soon and actually get my arse into gear and get my Dwarfs finished!

Interspersed between the Flames and Kings of War games, 2 Bolt Action games were also being contested. Russians, Germans and Yanks all fighting the struggle...

Ryan and Monkey hit the space fields for some Armada action. Glad to see this still getting a lot of play at club! I'm still not ready to drop all the cash into it yet....soon though!

And was time! SIGMAR WAS AWOKEN!

David G (of Mighty Ape fame) had brought in his copy of the latest offering from Games Workshop. We all know that there has been a lot of conversation about this one within the community at large as well as within TCOW. Now it was time to see just what the game played like. Using the forces in the box, the guys set out to bash at it and see what happened!

I didn't get too much of a chance to see the game unfold, so have asked The Bludgelord for his thoughts....

"It plays exactly like an easier version of 3rd Edition 40k. After two turns, I was aware that it really encourages you to blob up your force and just push all the models together - over and over and over again. Without end. It might have been the small size of the game, but it didn't seem to offer a lot tactically. It felt like it wasn't quite a wargame but not really a board game either."

"I laughed my ass off when I one-shotted the He-Man on his battlecat using the Axe of Fuck-You!" Awesome!"

"Seriously, the models are really nice though. I can definitely see guys taking these and slotting them into existing 30k or 40k forces or possibly starting a new one with them."

So there you have it! An honest commentary on the game from a long time gamer!

Given the small size of the game played, Damian (Pablo) took the other half of the table and ran Victor and David M (too many people with the same name!) through a game of This Is Not A Test (TNT), the post-apoc skirmish game people have been building up of late.

This will be something else in my queue of stuff to build...who doesn't like a good PA showdown!

And finally, ST:AW closed out the day with a couple of ship on ship intro games. Romulans vs. Borg and Kilngons vs. Romulans.

Yet another successful journey into the world of nerd....whatever your passion, we have it!




  1. For interested viewers, Greggles lost his game of Flames.

  2. I've given up letting them know that....