Thursday, 6 August 2015

Apocalypse NOW!

Come in....anyone come in?! Is there anyone out there? We have survived and we're holed up in a small building in Ranui and....they did it, I cant believe they fucking did it! We need help, there are...things outside and...and...we cant see them and ..... oh god....they're trying to get in..... I can hear them scraping on the door...they only speak one word and...and..... aaaaaarrrrrghhhhhh.....


This weekend will see the start of the TCOW campaign for This Is Not A Test (TNT), Fallout Ranui. A lot of guys have been furiously building warbands to battle in the wastes of West Auckland. Caravaners, Preservers, Peacekeepers will all be on show, trying to survive and gain enough barter to keep on living in the world that has been forced upon them.

If you haven't had a chance to look at TNT yet, head on over to and check it out.

While TNT will be taking up a lot of time for most, the club is always open for anyone else wanting to head in and get their geek on! With the arrival of KoW2 imminent, there will be a couple of intro games being played and I've heard rumour of Bolt Action as well.

A couple of us may go old school and play some Magic: The Gathering as well. Because that's what we do at wanna play it, we'll watch you do it!

Don't forget that if you wanna be a member of THE GREATEST gaming club in Auckland, you can! Talk to El Presidente and he'll give you the DL on the deets. 

Doors open at 2.30 so be there or be a Mongo....


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