Sunday, 23 August 2015

Your Club, Your Place!

It's not often that we have to start with a PSA around this place but I felt it necessary given recent events and this one comes from the mind of El Presidente himself. I haven't included the whole missive here, but you get the drift:

"I will no longer tolerate such slanderous and libel if it continues against any of T.C.O.W's members that individual can and will expect a legal letter informing him to cease and desist immediately. Defamatory statements against one member will be seen as an attack on my business and if you think I'm just using big words on Facebook as intimidation try it mother fucker I dare you, I fucken double dare you..."

So with that out of the way....

A smaller club meeting this weekend with a few stalwarts having to deal with plague and other real-world issues. We did manage to get about two dozen people in the door and ready to play some games!

This weekend saw the culmination of the TCOW Journeyman League. Matt has run an absolutely fantastic campaign over the course of the last few months and added a number of new faces to the ever-growing WMH community here in Auckland. When all was said and done, there could only be one winner though so a big congrats to Molly and his Mercs. Shout out to Faizal as well with the most games played at a whopping 30 games!

Matt has something else special planned for the n00bs in the form of a tournament in October so watch this space! Again, a big thanks to Matt for running the show...this is what being a community is all about!

TNT was also out in full force at TCOW this weekend with 4 games in total being played counting toward the overall campaign position. Once again, the tables were resplendent with PA terrain thanks to both Dave and the recent sales his workplace (those awesome buggers at Mighty Ape) have put on!

Scott and I battled it out over this military base themed piece of West Auckland while Dave tried to run a caravan straight down Lincoln Road against Dan.

Down the other end of the hall, Regan and Bool were battling over some of the remaining West Auckland park-land, spared from the blasts...

The games were a mixed bag from what I heard around the place. A lot of cursing at the luck that seemed to depart when rolling d10's and swears of vengeance. I don't know what all the fuss was about game went swimmingly! Easy to say when you burst-kill your opponents warband leader on turn 2 I guess.... 

With most players getting a pretty full grasp of the rules now, games are cracking along quite quickly with most taking around an hour to play.

Being this is TCOW, you bet your left over Sigmarites that we had other systems being played as well! Gav and Jon got some FoW action in, potentially tuning for an upcoming tournament....I would want to speculate though...

And believe it or not, Magic: The Gathering was once again played right here at TCOW! A few of us have recently gotten back into the game so the chance to fine tune some deck construction is always welcome!

And wrapping things up, Damian and Alex plopped some buildings our for some DZC action! Its been a while since this was played at club...and I'm still managing to resist buying into it.....JUST!

A total of 5 systems played and a heap of fun had by all. No games shunned, no gamers sense of worth destroyed. No arguments about which system is better.

And THAT is what community is about and that's why TCOW is THE GREATEST AND BEST Wargaming/Tabletop Gaming/Card Gaming club in Auckland.


Until next time, remember to keep an eye on Facebook for all the happenings!



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