Sunday, 14 June 2015

GW Returns!

We'll get into the details of the title shortly. 

The doors opened promptly at 2.30 and we strolled in and started getting some tables set up. There were a couple of Flames of War games planned and Bolt Action as well, so 15mm and 28mm terrain hits the table and waits for scale soldiers to start roaming and seeking cover.

And by the doors, two spacemats hit the table and X-Wing gets rolling. 2 games start with all kinds of ships floating around space trying to lay-zohr each other into oblivion. There is a bit of list tweaking happening here by the looks as there are some Regional championships coming up soon.

Some more action shots of the X-Wing action as it happened, including the reappearance of Monkey's Alphabet Soup...mmmmm!

Big D and the Ijits approach the Soup.

Thick Soup....
Damian C (Pablo) had arranged an 1800 point Flames game against Jon but it looked like someones opponent was gonna be a no-show. Gav arrived a bit late so rather than let the terrain that Pablo had setup go to waste, we just jumped in and took it. (Had Gav been 5 mins later, I would have played Damian so it was all good).

I just needed some practice as I hadn't played Flames for some time so came up with a little German list from Nachtjager. 7 Panthers, 2 Jagdpanthers and some Panzersturm with jet planes for goodness. Gav had a Soviet list with Motostrelk, SU-100's and IS-2's. Gav was the defender in Pincer.

We had a bit of a chat before the game and I had about 50 points left over so decided why not try one of the things that Nachtjager is all about. So, I gave a Panther platoon some IR and an Uhu and called down the night! I've never played a night game of FoW so this should be interesting!

So with Panthers rolling forward under the cover of night in a classic Pincer move...I light up the Motostrelk with the Uhu and take some pot shots at them. Which was a bit of a mistake really. It gave Gav the opportunity to pop his SU ambush and start taking shots at them...I could be in trouble here...SU-100s with Cat Killer...yikes! Thanks Mike Haught....

Fortunately for me, Gav was rolling like poop with his SU line and even with the re-rolls couldn't get anywhere near my Panthers!

I wont make this a full AAR (I have a podcast to do that on!) but the effective run of play was:

- Gav's IS-2s kill one of my JPs. My remaining JP and a Panther platoon break the IS-2 platoon and they run away.
- Gav's SU platoon finally scores 2 hits on my Panther Nightfighers, killing 2 forcing me to test...which I pass!! Reluctant Vets!!
- I heap fire on to the Motostrelk to send my infantry in to assault them and clear the objective. The MS are pinned so only get 6 shots in defensive fire. Gav rolls....4's to hit as I'm Vets.....and gets

That was pretty much all she wrote from there, Gav takes this one 5-2 but I may be reconsidering my list for WolfCry....Night fighting Panthers are cool!

Go home Sturmovik, you have too much Vodka

Pablo did manage to get a game in though...Armada vs. Token. I hadn't seen this played yet so was quite interested. Looked pretty cool to me!

And here it is folks, the moment you've been waiting for. I teased it at the start and here is the proof. GW made a valiant return to TCOW and we welcomed it with open arms and a small amount of mockery.

So we were just sitting around talking shit for a bit and realised that we had a hour left! Was there anything we could play in an hour? Munchkin? Wasn't there...

Then Monkey says.....I've got Elder Sign in my car...and off I ran!

6 players vs. Azathoth. Easy right....? You obviously haven't seen TCOW'ers roll dice brah! This one came down to the wire on time, but we banished him back to the Depths.

And that was time! A smaller turnout this week but still 5 systems played and a great game of Elder Sign! What an awesome club!

Until next time....GAME ON and Felicia Day.

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