Monday, 16 November 2015

Firestorm West! Club Meeting - 15/11

Like many other wargaming clubs and groups around the world, TCOW (with the help of Mike Haught) are participating in the global Firestorm: Caen Flames of War campaign. This is being run by Cam over at Rust and the City and it being embraced really well. 

We had 2 games this week, both covering the battles over at Bayeaux. I took on Jon with my British Tanks and Gav took on Pablo in a similar battle.

A very French battlefield indeed and the games were both contested well. The addition of Firestorm troops to the mix certainly adds for some longer games, given we're playing at 1500 points.

My additions included a Cromwell platoon backed up by a Firefly and an infantry platoon. Great for holding objectives!

British armour massing, ready to roll down the wide roads and punish the German defense.

Support in the form of some M10SP's and infantry as well as some carrier recce. This should be good!

Ahhhh......Shermans. They just have a knack of getting set alight!

So with the games finished, we had a 5-2 to the Germans and a 4-3 to the Allies, I believe. So these results will be sent in and potentially change the balance of what we can expect in the next round. Such a great idea and very happy to be involved!

As always, we had multiple systems hitting the tables at TCOW this week. Kings of War, Dropzone Commander, Warmahordes and TNT all being played. ST:AW got a table in the annex and when all was dusted, we got some EDH practice for Magic in. Looking forward to the EDH league starting in the new year.

Kings of War action! Ogres vs. a Herd army.

Dropzone Commander in action.

Mutant Cannibals attack in TNT.

Casters and Jacks do battle in Warmahordes.

ST:AW and M:TG

So there you have it! A plethora of pictorial pleasure pertaining to our pastime. The most TOP NOTCH wargames club in Auckland (still undisputed) meets again and a great time was had by all! We're so damned good, we even have guys escaping Hamilton to come and play games with us! No board games this week though, something we may have to rectify soon....

Until next time....GAME ON!

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  1. Top notch! Typically there always seems to be more visitors and heaps more games going on when I'm not there.