Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Who run Bartertown? TCOW does Master Blaster!

The second iteration of Bludgefest was held on the weekend and once again, a veritable Portobello Road of nerdiness appeared. Just about anything was on sale and everyone was keen to buy! Gimme your money, gimme your money!

No matter what period, scale, genre or whatever. It was there!

Meanwhile, inside a whole heap of gaming was taking place as well...

Well it did eventually. Some X-Wing got played this week with The Bludgelord taking Stevo (of FlamesCon fame) through an intro game with the new starter set. I must say, the new paint jobs on the TIE's and X-Wing are indeed 

We got some SAGA back in at TCOW this week as well with Wayne and his Vikings (I think) taking on Rob and his Skraelings. Some very nicely painted models on display here. Not sure of the result though, so I'm gonna say that Wayne won.

TNT and Warmahordes also made an appearance. These are really some club stalwart games. The TNT campaign is still going strong and we might get Pablo to write up a wee update at some point for you all.

And almost finally, we got some Flames of War in as well. This week saw the start of the global Firestorm: Caen event being run through Rust and the City .
Gav and Nod played the Seize and Hold mission from Overlord while Pablo and I ran Cauldron. I think the results finished as a 1-1 for Allies - Axis.

Really looking forward to seeing this one pan out across the world and its an awesome thing to be involved in! Thanks Mike!

Finally, some more EDH M:TG action! I love that Magic is being embraced more and more at TCOW. Its just more fun to have! With the new 2015 Commander decks being released soon, the TCOW Commander League will also be kicking off.

So there you have it team! Another TOP NOTCH TCOW meeting with smiles all around! I even managed to get some buying done....

It's not a Puma...

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