Wednesday, 28 October 2015

FlamesCon 2015 - Results + MOAR PHOTOS!!!

You've seen the pretty pictures. You've heard the murmurings around das wasserkühler about what went on. Well wait no more! Here are your official results as well as some more photos from the event.

Rogue's Gallery

Phil Petry - The Coveted SPOON!

Davide Ranzani - Best Painted

Sofia Chambers - Best Table

Gavin van Rossum - Best Sports (Yes, actually!)

Ryan Jeffares - Best Axis General
3rd Overall - Phil Porter

2nd Overall - Mike Haycock

Overall Winner - Scott Norwood

And the full results for all runners:

And some of the photos taken of the armies on parade (those who chose to put them out at least....)

Bob Pearce's Tribute to Nick Garden - NZ Div Cav with Staghounds.

Phil Petry's SAS Jeeps.

Wayne Turner's Berlin Russkies.
Davide Ranzani's Finns. - Best Painted
Do you wanna build a snowman?

Sofia Chambers' Tankovy Brigada

The Bludgelord's FrankenTigers!

My Yank Tanks.

Andrew Haught's Finns.

Gav's Tankovy with Dedov.

Andrew Agutter's JP-StuG Party!

Chris Townley's Big Kitties.

Imhotep Nosferatu's Brit Tank Arty Park.

Scott Norwood's Fortified Company sans-Forts.

Ryan Jeffares' Krauts with Flying PaK.

Rob Sadler's Para-Locusts.

So there you have it ladies and germs! Once again, a massive shout of thanks to all the players and other people that helped out over the weekend either setting up or packing down tables, helping with the venue, everything.

Special thanks to Battlefront for both their ongoing prize support of our events and for loaning us their awesome tables and terrain.

Until next year.... GAME ON!


  1. Awesome event. Appreciate all the support you gave me for a tough weekend for me. Don't believe I couldn't even get the spoon...!!! Cheers, Bob

  2. Haha, yeah, Phil had a very "special" tournament in terms of results!