Sunday, 18 October 2015

Those moments when..... - Club Meeting 18.10.2015

Moments in time that you suddenly look back on and go...oh yeah, I knew that! That's what this week's club meeting is going to by summarised as I think. It happens to all wargamers at one time or another I guess...

So, what did we do then?

As always, a mixed bag of systems from many designers and manufacturers on display at TCOW. Why limit yourself?! As I wandered around the place (between turns), I managed to get a count in:

1 x Flames of War, 2 x Malifaux, 3 x Warmahordes, 2 x Kings of War, 1 x Bolt Action, 1 x Heroclix, 1 x ST:AW, 1 x DZC and 1 x M:TG.

You tell me how many other clubs boast that level of support for that number of systems? None, thats how many!

Flames of War

FlamesCon is right around the corner so getting a chance to re-familiarise myself with the rules and maybe tune a list a little better is always a good thing. And given I really do love the game, it helps as well.

Faizal is playing his first FlamesCon this year so I thought I'd give him a game to cement his learning of the rules and have a bit of run as well. He's running some Soviet Steel and my plan at this stage is to run some Yank Tanks, so this should be fun. 

First game was Dust Up so this should be tanks rolling at tanks, blowing the turrets off and then seeing what else there is to blow up...

It didn't disappoint, that's for sure! Dead tanks everywhere! A very close game that could have swung either way at around turn 3, but Faizal missed a heap of remount checks that was pretty much all she wrote. Company broken, 5-2 to me.

The second game was a little different though...we'd rolled Counter-attack as the mission and I won the dice off for attacker. With Faiz having no infantry, he's limited to a single platoon on with Mobile Reserves. He chose his T-34/85 platoon...

Unfortunately, Priests, Shemans and Pershings really did a number on them and continued to do so. My Chaffees meanwhile zoomed off to try and flank an objective. Then the rest of the Soviets arrived...

They did manage to survive the first wave with a little help. The second wave....not so much. 

So, firing, firing and firing and Faiz keeps making his platoon check! Dammit! Turn 6 hits and then Pablo kindly reminds me that I need to be within 16" of an objective. SHIT! Oh yeah, I knew that... 

Kings of War

3 games played in total under the new v2.0 rules, Ogres, Undead and Kingdoms of Men all featuring at varying points levels.

You may notice the rather large, brown golem-like creature in front of Damo here....unfortunately, he didn't which meant it didn't move for 3 turns. 

Its there?! Oh yeah...I knew that!

2000 points of Undead vs. KoM.

You get a lot of men in 2000 points....

Elephants too!

Must really get back to painting my Dwarfs....

And as always, everyone having a tonne of funne...hehehe...playing with their toys. MONTAGE!!!


So there you have it! Another meeting of the Greatest Wargaming Club in Auckland and all the glory it holds!

Keep an eye out on the Facebook page for the announcement of:


It's coming....

Until then. GAME ON!!!!

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