Wednesday, 30 September 2015


That's right people, the GREATEST WARGAMING CLUB in AUCKLAND (still UN-DIS-PUTED!!!!) will open its door-shaped arms and welcome you into its air-conditioned bosom. It will lay its tables on the floor and allow you, YES YOU, to play on them.

And what should you play? Well, anything you want. We don't discriminate at TCOW. We don't sit here and say who's games you can play or how you can play them. We don't tell you not to bring something in just because The Bludgelord doesn't like it. NO! That is not how TCOW operates!

What we can give you is a place to play, somewhere you can be sure you'll be:

1. Seagulled.
2. Offered "constructive criticism" on your play style.
3. Compared to me....usually in a good light.

But you can also be damned sure you'll have:

a. A barrel of laughs.
b. A good, honest gaming experience, AND
c. No doubts that we're the best.

So, why procrastinate? Come down on Sunday and see what we're all about and if you disagree with any of what I've said, feel free to discuss it with me.

I don't think you will though.


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