Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Flames of EVERYTHING! Club Meeting - 20.09.2015

Fire. Mans oldest foe. Bringer of warmth and light. Cooker of meat. Bringer of death.

Hey TCOW'ers! Club happened over the weekend and as usual the place was fair bursting at the seams with gamers packed in everywhere trying to get their dice rolled and minis moved. Dying hobby my arse!

The TNT campaign is still going strong with no sign of slowing down. I must remember to get some games in at next club. Its been a while since the Citizens on Patrol dispensed some justice around WynnMall and from the looks of some of the muties and other unsavoury types lurking, they need some culling!

Every time the guys throw down the tables of terrain for TNT, I'm seriously in awe. They just look like fun to play on and it attracts people to come over and watch! You just can't beat a table full of good looking terrain and some well painted minis meandering their way through it. It's just one of the joys of gaming.

No more words here, enjoy the pics...

Simply amazing.

On the other side of the room, we had a couple of different games with some Dropzone Commander starter box games being played alongside a co-op Star Trek: Attack Wing game.

And in the other corner, Jon and I played some Flames of War. With FlamesCon just around the corner, I need all the practice I can get. Jon was using a slight variation on his German Infantriedivision and I was investigating how well American armour would fare without infantry support. The mission was Cauldron.

Yank Tanks attempt to flank the German positions but we know that the PaK 40's lie in wait....Given deployment was random, this was a pretty lucky roll for me.

The space behind the 2 command stands is where 3 PaK 40's used to be. In a scene reminiscent of Fury (BEST JOB I EVER HAD!!!), the American armour withstood the withering fire of the AT guns and decimated them with return fire. Jumbos most definitely lead the way!

Jon's reserve JagdPanthers came on in reserve to try and cause wreak some havoc in the rear of my lines. I still had reserves in an Armoured Recon platoon and an Armoured Artillery battery, but what use were they going to be against German Heavy tanks?!!

Quite a lot apparently! In one of the most amazing couple of turns I've ever played, I manage to get some Priest shots into side armour on the JP's, destroying one. The other took off to go Sherman hunting. My armoured recon survived the Panzerschreck assault from Jon's reserve infantry and then went kitty hunting. My Greyhounds took 2 shots at the side of the remaining JP and bailed it, causing a morale check which they failed....YAY! But then, I had to take a company test....which I failed and handed a 4-3 victory to Jon...but what a fun game!

And that, ladies and germs, is what gaming is all about! Its about having fun with friends and remembering that toy soldiers aren't real people...so why stress so much about their demise. Just play another game with them!

Unless you're playing a TNT campaign...and they die....then they're gone for good.

Until next time, adieu from THE GREATEST WARGAMING CLUB IN AUCKLAND! (To date, undisputed)


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